food and heritage walks in Banaras

food and heritage walks in Banaras

It is said in Banaras we have 'saat vaar nau tyohar' that is nine festivals in the seven days of a week. So every single day is some or the other festival dedicated to some god that has a big or small temple in Banaras. Yes there are 'chaurasi hazar devta' (84 thousand gods) in Banaras so the mathematics of the festivals will never be accurate.

food and heritage walks in Banaras

There are beautiful ancient temples, temple ruins and many old trees nestling a temple or two in their wombs. The elements of nature intertwine with the gods so closely you feel like knowing more about them no matter how many times you have been there and have tried to strike a conversation with the God or the Peepal tree or even the Ganga. The reason why most of us want to go again and again, explore more and bring back some more peace in our hearts.

And there is great food served in all its honesty without a fuss.

food and heritage walks in Banaras

The food has also evolved along with religion and nature closely interwoven together. Like all Gwalas (the keepers of cows) located in Gopal mandir wali gali are Malaiyyo makers and they have some magic in their hands. Gopal is the name of Krishna and He loves milk products, butter and malaiyyo the most.

food and heritage walks in Banaras

You get Muslim foods in Dalmandi and Madanpura.

And there is a very old and yet very organized spice market where you can get almost all spices and herbs. At least whatever is used in Indian food and Ayurveda.

food and heritage walks in Banaras
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You can plan your visit during Dhrupad Mela or Sankatmochan Sangeet Samaroh if you are a music lover but keep some time to explore the city.

food and heritage walks in Banaras

Banaras will leave you spellbound.

If you want someone to take you around and introduce you to the culture and heritage of Banaras you can write to us. Be prepared to walk a lot and eat a lot.

Write to us at if you want someone from the city to guide you and yet not cloud your perception towards this beautiful soulful city.


  1. I am going for the first time, have gone thru details provided in your blog, Hope to have an excellent experience

    1. Hope you had a good time in Banaras Seema.