Banaras special recipes

The blog Banras ka khana is basically about traditional, heirloom recipes belonging to Eastern UP and neighboring areas. Being a hardcore supporter of indigenous recipes and local ingredients, I love cooking and sharing some traditional recipes from other states of India too and a few old traditional recipes from other parts of the world too.

This page is a exclusive list of Banaras food. Although as Banaras is a business and trade center for fabrics, beads and handicrafts apart from being a tourist attraction for centuries, you would find some other influences in the food as well. I hope you enjoy the recipes and food discussed on this blog.

  1. Curries and spices ( a few North Indian curries and basic spice powders)
  2. Mango chutney... (the famous sweet-sour-hot condiment using half ripe mangoes)
  3. Mutton stew : the new improved ishtoo...a la Al Ja... (Goat meat stew Indian style)
  4. Kathal ka dopyaza (Jackfruit stir fried with onions and whole spices using dum cooking method)
  5. Date and ginger chutney with Tamarind (Khajur, sonth ,imli ki chutney)
  6. Hot and garlicky fish steak (Lahsun wali machali)
  7. Til ki burfi aur Besan ki burfi(Sesame burfi and a chickpea flour and coconut burfi) 
  8. Singhade ka halwa (a pudding made with water chestnut flour)
  9. matar ki poori UP style
  10. Baked Gujhia  (baked version of Karanji or Gujhia)
  11.  Singhade ki muthia (a savory dumpling snack made using water chestnut flour)
  12. singhade ke atte ki roti (flat bread made using water chestnut flour)
  13. Til gud, Tilgul, Til ka laddoo  (sesame brittles)
  14.  dahi wali bhindi (okra curry in yogurt sauce)
  15. mungodi waala matar ka nimona (Green peas curry with mung beans dumplings)
  16. bajre ka maleeda  ( a rustic dessert using Pearl millet flour)
  17. daal bati chokha  
  18. the famous lassi of banaras.....pehelwan ki lassi....
  19. pizzeria of of the best pizzas
  20. sama ki khichdi ( a pilaf dish made using Barnyard millet)
  21. jeere wali gobi (Cauliflowers infused with cumin and other spices)
  22. nenua chana daal  (sponge guard and split chickpeas curry)
  23. mirchi gosht ( a goat meat curry with a sharp garlic and green chilly sauce)
  24. tori chana ...nenua chana ki subzi (Sponge guard and black chickpeas curry)
  25. malai paalak paneer ( Spinach and paneer cheese curry with a fresh cream sauce)
  26. jeera aloo ( Potao stir fry infused with cumin and other spices)
  27. chana masala UP wala .... chane ki ghugni ( a spicy black chickpeas curry)
  28. mung ke cheeley ( savory pancakes/wraps made using split mung beans )
  29. sama ke chawal ki kheer (a pudding made using Barnyard millets)
  30. keema matar ... minced meat with green peas 
  31. khade masale ka chicken dopyaza ( chicken with whole spices in a onion based sauce)
  32. instant besan ka halwa ... microwave recipe 
  33. Makki di roti te saron da saag  ( An Indian corn flat bread with a mustard greens curry)
  34. shalgam aloo matar ki subzi  (Turnips, potatoes and green peas curry)
  35. shalgam bhein matar ki subzi (Turnips, Lotus stem and green peas curry)
  36. tamatar ki mithi chutney (Tomato chutney)
  37. parwal ki mithai 
  38. kalonji ...... the masala stuffed vegetables ( a masala stuffed pan fried vegetables dish)
  39. alu sem tamatar ki bhurji (potatoes, broad beans and tomato dry curry)
  40. kaccha singhara ... two recipes for fasting food ( two recipes using water chestnuts)
  41. guar dhokli ki subzi ( Guar beans and chick pea flour dumplings curry)
  42. tamatar ki chaat 
  43. khade masale wala kaddu ...pumpkin curry tempered
  44. sarson wala baingan fry (eggplant slices grilled with spicy mustard paste) 
  45. nenua ki subzi . (sponge guard curry)
  46. khoya matar paneer (Green peas and paneer curry with evaporated milk)
  47. fara .... goojha or peetha ( A desi dumpling stuffed with lentil paste)
  48. paneer pasanda  (paneer slices sandwiched with nuts and curried)
  49. aam ka khatta meetha achar (mango sweet n sour pickle/sweet relish)
  50. Vrat ka khana ...kuttu ki tikki (Zucchini savory pancakes with buckwheat) 
  51. Banana flowers and green peas curry (mocha matar)...
  52. drumstick curry in mustard gravy (sarso wali sahjan ki sabzi)
  53. gajar ka murabba.....made in microwave ( Candies carrots)
  54. matar ki ghugni lasun wali (green peas temperd with garlic)
  55. daal poori UP style / poori stuffed with chana daal..  (lentil stuffed fried flat breads)
  56. drumstick flowers: a curry and a pakoda recipe  (sahjan ke phool ki sabzi)
  57. Matar ka nimona (version 3) (soupy green peas curry)
  58. Home made Rasgulle 
  59. Khekhsa (kakode) ki subzi
  60. Mung ka halwa step by step (mung beans pudding with ghee)
  61. Til wale aaloo (potatoes in a sesame curry sauce)
  62. Khoya paratha ( sweet flat breads stuffed with evaporated milk)
  63. Imli wala kaddu (Pumpkin curry with tamarind)
  64. Sattu ka paratha ( Flat breads stuffed with roasted chickpeas flour)
  65. Daal ke pakode hari chutny ke saath ( Lentil fritters with coriander chutny)
  66. Shahi tukda (an Indian bread pudding) 
  67. Samose (home made) (a popular Indian street snack stuffed with potatoes)
  68. Kaali daal makhni  ( a black lentil curry soup popular in Indian restaurants)
  69. Meetha cheela with laal rabdi ( a pancake topped with caramelised evaporated milk) 
  70. Kadhi pakodi ( a yellow chickpea flour curry with dumplings)
  71. Paneer safeda / paneer in a cashewnut gravy 
  72. Kaale chane ki ghugni (spicy black chikcpeas)
  73. Meetha cheela (desi whole wheat pancakes)
  74. Ras wala kaddu (pumpkin curry in a thin sauce)
  75. Kele ka malpua  (banana Indian style fried donuts)
  76. Aam ka achaar (mango pickle)
  77. Aaloo parwal ki lassooni bhujia (pointed guard stir fry)
  78. Kachhe kele ke kofte 
  79. Sukhe samose (Tea time savory snack)
  80. Bharwa tamatar bonde ( a stuffed tomato fried snack)
  81. Besan ka halwa 
  82. Aam malai ( mangoes and fresh cream dessert)
  83. Dahi vade / dahi bhalle (black beans dumplings soaked in yogurt)
  84. Seviyan kheer (semiyan or vermcelli pudding)
  85. Eggs curry (ande ki masale waaki subzi)
  86. Dhaniye wali mathhi (a fried tea time snack)
  87. Holi ki guzia (gujhia, karanji or sweets stuffed Indian puff pastry)
  88. Mithi bundiya 
  89. Baati chokha
  90. Palak puri ( green fried flat breads with spinach)
  91. Kele ka cheela with makoy (Cape gooseberry) topping 
  92. Sahjan ki sabzi  (Drumstick curry)
  93. Besan katli ki sabzi 
  94. Matar ka nimona version 1 and 2
  95. Gajar ka halwa (carrots pudding)
  96. Banarasi kachori n subzi
  97. Khajur / thekua(a rustic fried cookie)


  1. I tried the rasse wali aloo ki sabji.have been looking for a recipe like this for a long time and it was wonderful.

  2. Thanks so much for posting all the popular recipes from Banaras....been searching for a blog like this since ages....keep up the good work :)

  3. Its something i was looking for a longtime. As a banarasi its really great to find the homemade recipes at one place. esp: Nimona ki recipe :D

  4. hii... can u give malliyo recipe... famous sweet made in winters n benaras...

  5. hii
    can u give reciepe of malliyo ... famous sweet made in winters in benaras....

  6. hi, can u please give the recipe for making the kaju katli, regular and with the rose petals without using the microwave??

  7. can u pls give the recipe for making the regular kaju katli as well as the rose flavoured one without using the microwave

  8. Please provede a search engine to search for key words, such as DAL, curry etc. Thanks !

  9. Dear Sangeeta,thank you for wonderful question is can I cinnamon powder instead of stick for kathal ka dopayaza because I've cinnamon powder in my pantry.If yes how much do I need to put ?Thank you

    1. Hello anonymous. Sorry for the delay in replying. Yes you can used cinnamon powder instead of cinnamon stick. But used just 2-3 pinches as it might make the dopyaza quite sweetish.

  10. Loved your recipes! In your Banaras ka khana would love to see red chilli pickle!

  11. still waiting for magdal laddo recipe

  12. still waiting for magdal laddoo recipe!!!!

    1. Thanks for reminding me ..will do that on priority now :-)

  13. This tutorial really helped me and I am pleased with your skills. I have also subscribed your blog. Now I am expecting more good tutorials from you. 

  14. Thank you Sangeeta! Guitha/ gojja reminded me of my childhood time when we used to visit Nana-nani's house in summer at Allahabad. I used to call it panidubba:) .... Thanks again for giving us authentic North Indian recipes..... I would like to request you if you have recipe for rikwach/ rickvach then please do share...thanks again

    1. Thank you Archana for writing in. That rickwach recipe is there on the blog but by the name of girmach and patoda as it was called in my home. Please see if it is the same recipe.
      Keep in touch.

  15. Please post famous home made achaar recipes! Those with uncommon vegs.. I had once one in a guesthouse to die for! Thank u from Spain. I love Varanasi

    1. Thanks for writing in :-)
      I have a few achar recipes ready to share, will do asap. I know the home made seasonal pickles are so good you keep craving for them. Do let me know if you are reminded of any specific achar, will try and share that too.

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    Thank u so much for writing such amazing recipes I simply love them..

    1. Thanks a lot Manu. It always warms up my heart to hear something like this. Keep in touch :-)

  17. This is just brilliant. Being from Varanasi and away from it since ages, keeps me reminding the local flavours...Now I see the recipes and keep making these dishes. Tried the aloo tamatar ki Sabji. It was wonderful.

    1. Thanks Pravesh. I am so glad it brings back nice memories :-)

  18. i want recipe of magdal mithai ....whick i found at Sankat mochan Mandir

    1. Will post the magdal recipe really soon, it is a little time taking hence it has not been posted till now.

  19. Why can't I see updated recipes index for your blog. You post such amazing recipes every week which doesn't feature in the index

    1. My apologies for the lapse, I will update the index really soon.

  20. Blown away by your talent and passion for food. I have rarely come across an assortment of unique and flavourful recipes which explore such wide range of vegetables and legumes. Please keep posting. You are a rare talent in the food blogging world.

    1. That is so generous of you Shilps. Thank you so much.

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    1. A book is in the process Shilps. Thanks for the encouragement.

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    1. So sorry Manu for the inconvenience. But when I checked all the links are working. Could you check again and let me know?