Sunday, June 12, 2011

jeera aloo ...potatoes to please someone...

Someone feels deprived of potatoes all the time and i have to treat him with an exclusive potato course . Yes , a potato dish which can be served and enjoyed on it's own . No side dishes are required with this "king of vegetables".

I want to make it clear that i am certainly not one of those who are ruled by potato, so there is no king of the kingdom of vegetables for me...

Something becomes the king or the queen only when i choose to do the coronation.

Potato becomes the king with jeera aloo...most definitely.

The cumin infused cubes of potatoes , if i ever dare to translate the flavors...

And don't worry you all . You are not going to have any starch poisoning by watching all these pictures i have uploaded one after the other..

Don't they look gorgeous .

Jeera aloo is not a favorite of millions for nothing . Potatoes are known to take on any kind of seasoning and spicing well and even desserts do so very well with potatoes . Have you heard about aloo ka halwa ( a halwa made with potatoes) . That is one more reason to rejoice for the halwa lovers .
Not me .

But jeera aloo is somethings that makes even my heart go muddled .....

Let me list the ingredients so you can make the jeera aloo right now ....i know you are going to be tempted ...

boiled potatoes 4 nos. ..
boil them in the pressure cooker or in a pan . Microwave cooked potatoes work well for the jeera aloo only when the potatoes are new , the winter potatoes.
ghee or butter 1 tbsp ( no compromises here)
cumin seeds 2-3 tsp
cumin powder 1/2 tsp
black pepper powder 1/2 tsp
red chilly flakes 1/2 tsp
chopped green chilly 1 tsp
chopped coriander leaves 1 tbsp
salt to taste

The coriander leaves used here are from my garden and this dish was made with the season's last few leaves of coriander , the needle shaped mature leaves of coriander bear the most concentrated flavors , it made the aloo jeera magical this time.

Once you have boiled , peeled and cubed potatoes , there is not much to do as this is a quick thing to do . Quick to be vanished from the table too , quick to bring smiles .... quick reactions...

Heat the ghee or butter in a kadai . I used ghee and butter both , best of the both worlds . Let the ghee and butter melt and then add the jeera , that is cumin seeds and let it splutter softly .

Immediately add the cubed potatoes followed by the powdered spices and salt to taste . Toss to mix and coat everything on the potato cubes . keep tossing and stirring the potatoes to get lightly pink at a few spots . Do not brown the potatoes otherwise it will not inhale the flavors of the exclusive spicing.

Once the potatoes are pinkish at a few spots , add the chopped green chillies and the chopped coriander leaves . Toss well and bring the pan off heat.

Serve immediately.

And bask in the glory it brings.....

PS : If you are not using coriander leaves , you might like to add a pinch of amchoor powder or a dash of lime juice , and a pinch of coriander powder along with the other powdered spices...
The coriander leaves have a hint of citrus along with an earthy flavor .


  1. OMG, this is deadly....... Am drooling over this, I totally agree with that someone :), am too a potato lover, this is mouth-watering....... :-P
    Can I use your magic masala instead of jeera powder, or do you suggest using jeera powder would be better? And one more question, I prefer boiling potatoes in cooker, as it is quick but generally the potato either gets overcooked (fit for mashed/aloo paratha) or it remains hard in the center?

  2. This looks inviting and delicious...

  3. Growing up, the only vegetable I ate was potato. This sabzi is one of the favorite. We make it for up was though with tempering of jeera and green chili and a liberal sprinkle of crushed toasted peanuts. My mom makes kadhu the same way.

  4. Sangeeta ji, jeera aloo is my all time favourite recipe, thanks for sharing your method.

  5. jeera Aaloo is my all time favourite, likes the recipe of yours

  6. This i know how to make and yummmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)


  7. Woww... looks absolutely delicious and tempting.. Mouth watering clicks !!
    Indian Cuisine

  8. I m really impressed by the method..definitely a keeper..good one sangeeta