Non vegetarian recipes

Most of the meat and fish recipes are desi and traditonal on this blog. A few of them are experimental recipes, some others may have some influences from other parts of the world...

Feel free to let me know how it turned out for you.
  1. Mutton stew (improved recipe of the Al Jawahar Ishtoo)
  2. Garlicky fish fry ( lahsooni bhuni machhli )
  3. Kashmiri Gushtaba
  4. Keema waala gobhi musallam
  5. Shami kabab Awadhi style
  6. One step mutton stew
  7. Mirchi gosht
  8. Liver masala fry with curry patta
  9. Keema matar 
  10. Paturi macchh : banana leaf wrapped mustrad fish (steamed)
  11. Khade masale ka chicken dopyaza
  12. Grilled chicken, Tikka style
  13. Prawns in nigella and green chilly sauce
  14. Kali mirch noon, mutton recipe
  15. Kaleji masala dhaniye wala, mutton liver in coriander greens paste.
  16. Fish in mustard gravy, Sorshe machh
  17. Mirchi waali machhli, fish fry in red chilly and nigella seasoning
  18. Mutton stew (ishtoo).
  19. Macaroni with chicken sausages
  20. A homely mutton curry using home made spice powders.
  21. Pabda/Mackrel fish fry
  22. Sarson waali machhli, UP version
  23. Kerala style chicken stew with appam..
  24. Eggs curry masala
  25. Tinned pink salmon scrambled with sun dried tomatoes
  26. Peppery fish fry.
  27. Thai style chicken mince curry.
  28. Hainanese chicken and rice and a chicken cutlet 
  29. Hungarian chicken goulash
  30. Mutton dalcha
  31. Chicken and eggs fried rice
  32. Chicken stew Mughlai style
  33. Chicken in a creamy white gravy
  34. Herbed chicken with Cashew nuts
  35. Lemon chicken
  36. Fish cutlets
  37. Murgh methi malai
  38. Low fat version of butter chicken
  39. Chicken kaali mirch

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  1. Hi, Is there a list of Vegeterian recipes as well? Thanks.