Tuesday, December 8, 2009

kaali mirch noon

Mutton is something we eat very occasionally and i do not like the liver , i have posted a liver recipe cooked with coriander greens earlier but most of the times i cook it along with the meat , i was not aware of the fact that liver cooks faster n i used to cook it as long as the meat , so it used to get a bit hard ..... i came to know about it on Ushnish's blog that liver should be cooked just for 5-7 minutes ( i cooked it for 15 minutes here ) to retain it's texture.

Keeping that in mind i added liver in the curry in the last phase of cooking and even marinated the liver separately....this is a tried and tested recipe which i saw on TV some years back when i was a new meat eater , the recipe is simple and at that time a new meat eater n a reluctant cook could do it well and the result was very encouraging.........needless to say it has been repeated quite often ........

Along the time i have tweaked the recipe according to our liking .....i use only the coriander stems to avoid making it green n for a greater coriander taste , also i have minimized the use of oil ....the recipe needs more oil because there is no water used during cooking n the meat sticks to the base of kadai , but i keep sprinkling water in between to prevent this , also i have added slit green chillies to it as the recipe does not use any chillies in it ...i add them in the end so they don't give the curry any flavor or heat , but they are yummy when a piece of roti is used to wrap it n mop the scant gravy........


mutton 500 gm ( i used with bone but the recipe specifies boneless )
100 gm coriander leaves ( i used the stems only )
1 tbsp black pepper whole
1 tsp black pepper powder
2 inch piece of ginger
15 flakes of garlic ( indian ones )
lemon juice 1 tbsp
ghee or oil 1 tbsp ( the recipe specifies 1/2 cup )
10 slit green chillies ( not used in the original recipe)
ginger julienne 1 tbsp


Apart from mutton , green chillies , pepper powder , ginger julienne  and oil .....grind everything into a fine paste and keep aside..

The recipe requires the mutton pieces to be pounded with a hammer , i do not follow that........it's already dead man !!  aur mat maaro usko !!

Marinate the meat ( i marinated the liver pieces separately )  into the paste for an hour or more if you wish ( may be overnight in the fridge)...

 Heat oil in a heavy base kadai ( i used my cast iron one )  and dunk all the meat into it , stir and cook on very low heat till cooked .....i cooked for 50 minutes , turning and stirring every 15 -20 minutes and sprinkling 1/4 cup of water each time i stirred .......after 35 minutes of cooking i added the liver pieces and cooked till done .......sprinkle the pepper powder , half the ginger julienne and slit green chillies  , mix well and keep covered for 10 minutes...

And yes , the liver pieces were good this way...i am going to do it always...

It's ready to eat with roti or naan or any kind of flat bread....serve garnished with the remaining ginger julienne.....i love those ginger sticks with the gravy.......and those green chilies too , i picked them all and wanted more of them....any one out there who likes green chilies like this ??

Enjoy a healthy mutton recipe......do you know that the stems of coriander are good for improving you cholesterol profile ??
See i fixed the problem with mutton...100 gm coriander stems with 500 gm mutton.......do not think about cholesterol now..........what say....


  1. The mutton looks so welcoming and loaded with the flavors of coriander... too good to resist.

  2. this looks yum,.even sis prepared mutton curry yesterday,,,

  3. The mutton looks gr8..... Yummy flavors... I do get that yummy aroma....


  4. Dear Sangeeta
    Nice recipe and thanks for putting my name there.:-)
    It looks good and will have a unique flavor without onion and other spices..I shall try soon ( God willing and wife permitting for frequent mutton eating :-).
    I must try the stems of coriander , its good idea.
    Liver generally is avoided in Mutton dishes as it has a strong smell. but if you like both liver and meat its OK

  5. lovely recipe.. now i know not to overcook the meat :) try sailaja's mutton recipe with coconut and poppy seeds too, it's really yumm

  6. thanks everybody ...
    Ushnish .... i will try and make the liver and meat separately form now on , i am a relatively new meat eater and have been avoiding liver for so long...thanks for the tip.