videshi swad

I bake and share some cakes, pancakes and scones too on this blog.

Locally available ingredients are used and the cakes etc. are made to suit the requirements of health conscious people.

I intend to post a few popular fusion recipes for beginner cooks as I keep getting requests for the same. Not much in digression with the traditional and heirloom recipes that this blog is intended for :-)
  1. Egg less brownies with vanilla ice cream and Hot Chocolate sauce...
  2. apple and pumpkin spiced cake
  3. apple cake/bread with whole wheat....
  4. fruity citrus cake....
  5. Valentines day wishes from banaras.......
  6. desi banana pancake with toffee banana topping 
  7. Lemon cake served with a quick butterscotch sauce
  8. Yeasted scones with Celery and paneer..
  9. Carrot orange cake and a Zucchini lemon cake..
  10. mushroom manchurian ...indo chinese style
  11. macaroni with chicken sauages
  12. easy brownie...eggless and low fat.
  13. pancakes with caramel-cream bananas n honey
  14. pancakes with Cape gooseberry coulis

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