Wednesday, September 8, 2010

tea party for the two of us ......... yeasted savory paneer scones with masala chai

 I like my cup of tea as I like it 'at the moment' and I don't want any disturbances. The morning cuppa is a light brew of darjeeling tea, a large kettle full lying between us when we read the newspapers, huge mugs full of the golden brew filled disturbance tolerated...:)

A couple of mugs of green tea during the day and the evening tea is definitely masala chai, the masala being different in different seasons .... and the tea time snack is mostly prepared fresh if we are not having jhaal muri or roasted chana masala .... it can be the crunchy sabudana vadas or rolled up khandvi or a fluffy dhokla . If we feel like having something fried it can be cabbage fritters or daal ke pakode or homemade samose .

 Sometimes I make some snacks which can be stored in the fridge and just warmed or stir fried with our evening tea, like that soft  fara or the patodas or basan ki katli . Cakes and cookies have become very rare although I remember I was on a cakes and cookies land just after our marriage, that explains the weight gain. Thank god I came back to healthy eating, now a days I bake cakes n cookies only if I am expecting kids at home or for gifting somebody.

I saw a pretty scone somewhere and was tempted to make one myself . I wanted a savory scone , I make one with spinach and ricotta but this time it had to be something different. I wanted fresh herbs but all the fresh herbs in my garden have succumbed to the heavy rain after a scorching summer, only a celery plant surviving though it looks battered by the bullets of raindrops ( it is really that forceful sometimes in this season ) ...

I used some dry rosemary and lots of peppercorns , the scones are yeast scones made without butter or baking powder . I like them better because I am more of a bread person than a cakes and cookies lover. 


yeasted bread dough (using whole wheat and APF in 1:1 ratio )

make the dough by rising the yeast in warm water with sugar , adding 1 teacup each of APF and wheat flour with a tsp of salt and kneading to make a soft elastic dough , rise the dough in a warm place till it doubles , knead again with oiled hands and it's ready to use

whole milk paneer 150 gm
celery leaves and thin stalks roughly chopped 1 cup
dry rosemary 1 tsp
black pepper corns 1 tbsp
black pepper powder 1 tsp
salt to taste
a little butter for brushing


Pulse the chopped celery and black pepper corns in the chopper , now cut paneer in chunks and dunk it into the chopper too. Pulse for a minute so it becomes a coarse granular mixture. I wanted bits of paneer into the scones. Paneer can be grated and the celery finely chopped , most of the black pepper corns will remain whole and a few will be crushed. Add salt and pepper into it and then empty the contents into a mixing bowl.

Now place the yeasted bread dough over the paneer mixture and press to flatten . Fold the flattened dough with paneer side in and press it again on the paneer mixture . Keep pressing and folding till all the paneer mixture is incorporated into the layers of bread dough . Bits of paneer keep sticking to the surface of the dough and a few celery leaves can be sprinkled over the surface too.

Flatten the dough over a chopping board or any other surface , about 2-3 cm thick , and cut in squares or triangles.Place the pieces on a greased baking surface and let them rise till they double in thickness.

Bake in a preheated oven at 250 degree C for 12-15 minutes , or till cooked with a golden brown crust and feels light weight .

Brush the surface with butter and cool on wire rack . Best consumed warm, gorgeously buttery taste even though it does not have any butter in it . Paneer makes it soft and brushing with butter makes it even more fragrant ..

Celery is not the most favorite herbs of mine but it tasted really good with hot peppers and paneer , rosemary was a slight hint as it was not fresh . The scones are light with a gorgeous crust and soft pillowy interior , bits of paneer and celery are yummy.... perfect for any kind of milky tea ..

I made the scones in the late afternoon when it was still day light and the pictures are nice . But tea got very late in the evening so the tea pics are dark , but i still like the pictures with tea ...

The rustic look of these square shaped scones i like , if it is a bit too peppery for you , the quantity of whole pepper corns can be halved . And some more paneer can be added if you want it rich .

I saw scones at this tea party and wanted to have some instantly , made my savory version and now this tea is going to The mad tea party . Take a look what she has to say about freedom  .... I agree absolutely ..

I wanted to include a bunch or lovely pink Gomphrenas but the picture got really dark, blame the husband being very late from office...

Never mind , the tea and the scones are great. Have a good time.


  1. Dear Sangeeta
    Very nice indeed...But I think I will fry the pieces in deshi Ghee to make it very healthy and crunchy ..moreover I need to fit back into the pants else will have to spend money in buying new food and bit of exercise is getting on my nerves I mean on my tummy
    Have a nice day tomorrow.

  2. As I read this, my cup of tea is with me and wish could get the taste of these scones. They look great and tastes the looks...

  3. Thanks Ushnish ... i like your humor .

  4. Thanks Gauri and Anukampa i loved the process of making these scones more than the tea this time..

  5. wow thy look so good,..even i baked something today will be posting soon,..:-)

  6. hi sangeeta ,
    scones looks fantastic ur version very much ...thanks for sharing


  7. Sangeeta, these scones looks scrumptious and to have them hot off the oven with a cup of masala chai. Pure bliss! Got to make my tea party snack soon. Meet you there? :)

  8. wow, what a tea party. Can I please have those scones.

  9. yummy's a wonderful combo made it beautiful..wish to taste some.:)

  10. Ooh, these must be great hot out of the oven! You are a tea aficionado like a lot of us here - that cup of masala chai is looking good! Even my masala changes with the weather!

  11. Hi sangeeta, yet another delicious recipe. The scones look so tempting and I want that Chai now!! :)

  12. @ Anita ...

    Thanks for the lovely comment...yes i am a tea person but i like my black coffee too...:)

  13. Thanks Rekha's great to see you here.... you are welcome for a chai anytime...:)

  14. such diligence in the kitchen!! my respect.. the photo says all..

  15. Hey thanks Gauri.... as i said i loved the 'diligence in the kitchen ' more and i think you would agree with me here for enjoying the process of making something lovely...:)

  16. Sangeeta these look luscious! I have tpo try this at home.....thanks for the recipe!

  17. YUM!! Dreaming of making some soon!!