vrat ka khana/fasting recipes

Fasting in India is mostly a religious ritual but sometimes it is done for cleansing the body as well. The ingredients allowed during fasting are mostly cleansing type and nutritious pseudo grains, vegetables, fruits, greens, spices, milk products and ghee. No grains are allowed so all fasting food is gluten free by default.

There are a few festivals like Shivratri, Janmashtami, Ganesh chaturthi etc when fasting is done on this auspicious day but during Navratri (a period of 9 days when devi is worshiped), many people observe fasting and cleansing the body (and soul) for the whole period of 9 days. During this period most people look for alternative grains and protein sources as a long term fasting cannot be done without proper nutrition.

Including nuts, milk products like yogurt, paneer and khoya etc can be a good way to get optimal nutrition. Alternative pseudo grains like Barnyard millet (sama ke chawal), Buckwheat (kuttu), Amaranth (rajgira or ramdaana) etc are great to make a filling meal. Flours of dried water chestnuts and buckwheat are also good to make roti and pancakes etc. Flours of roasted amaranth seeds and even Fox nut (makhana) is used to make porridge etc.

More and more vegetables should be included to keep the meals healthy, desserts should be mostly fruit based and water intake should be a little more than usual to help the body cleanse the gut and other tissues properly. Fried and highly roasted foods should be avoided. Here are some healthy and easy to make recipes for fasting days...

  1. Spinach and buckwheat soup for fasting
  2. Carrots and sweet potatoes soup for fasting
  3. Chaulai aur kutti ki tikki (amaranth leaves and buckwheat flour savoury pancakes for fasting)
  4. Buckwheat salads pasta style (customize for fasting)
  5. Popped amaranth muesli recipe
  6. Amaranth and dark chocolate mousse (fasting dessert)
  7. Ramdane aur alu ki tikki 
  8. Sama ke chawal aur mungphali ki kadhi
  9. Amaranth dosa and stew for fasting
  10. Meethe makhane or caramelized foxnuts
  11. Sama ke chawal ka dhokla
  12. Sama ke chawal ki tehri/tahiri
  13. Kachhe singhade ki katli (raw water chestnuts dessert)
  14. Popped Amaranth seeds, dried fruits and nuts parfait
  15. Kuttu ki khichdi with lauki and tomatoes
  16. Singhade ke atte ki roti step by step recipe
  17. Sama ke chawal ki idli
  18. Kutu ki tikki (savory pancakes with buckwheat flour and Zucchini)
  19. Sabudana vada (sago pearls savory pancakes) 
  20. Sabudana porridge (sago banana and cream) 
  21. Sama ke chawal ki kheer (barnyard millet pudding) 
  22. Sweet potato salad ( shakarkand ka salad)
  23. Jeere wali gobhi
  24. Sama ki khichdi 
  25. Singhade ka halwa (water chestnut halwa/pudding)
  26. Singhade ki muthia (water chestnut dumplings)
  27. Kachhe singhade ki katli (fresh water chestnuts fudge)
  28. Amaranth seeds recipes for fasting  
  29. Amaranth seeds and buckwheat flour savory pancakes
  30. Plantains and potatoes fry for fasting 
  31. Peppery yam chips, fasting recipe 
  32. Kachha singhara, two recipes for fasting foods
  33. Til ki burfi for fasting 
  34. Carrots and sweet potatoes soup
  35. Sama ke chawal/Barnyard millet tabbouleh salad 
  36. Water chestnut flour panforte (dry cake) 
  37. Buckwheat groats tomato and bell peppers soup
  38. Buckwheat pancakes with caramelised banana and date syrup

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