Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Singhade ki muthia... Water Chestnut Dumplings : Vrat ka khana

This is another recipe for fasting days. Or for someone who wants a gluten free version of a nice steamed snack. The vegetable content in this dumpling is quite good and it makes a perfect meal for fasting people, could be a tea time snack for others. With or without a green coriander-mint chutney.

Refer to the Singhade ki roti posted here to make a cooked dough from the Water Chestnut flour.

To this dough, add salt to taste and some grated papaya and chopped coriander leaves.

The quantity of these vegetables and greens would be equal to the dough volume wise. Other vegetables like carrots, cabbage or spinach etc can be used too. The shredded vegetables have to be mixed into the cooked dough like this.

Then this mixture is to be divided into small portions to make lemon sized balls.

Arranged in a Microwave safe plate, which is greased with ghee, these balls are to be steamed in the microwave.Uncovered for 3-4 minutes, depending on the quantity. They look a little dry after steaming.

Cool these balls and refrigerate if you need them later. Cut the balls in quarters and temper them with a tadka.

To make the tempering...

Heat 2 tsp ghee in a pan, sprinkle a pinch of hing and a tsp of jeera, and some chopped green chillies to taste.

Now tip in 2-3 tsp of sesame seeds into this tadka mix and let them splutter.

Tip in all the Muthia (dumpling) quarters and toss well to coat all of them. You might like them to get crisp lightly so keep them tossing and turning while keeping the heat level low.

Serve hot with anything you wish. They make a great nibble on their own.

They are quite tasty when cold too, may be a fasting meal to be packed in a lunch box.

Note : The tempered dumplings are not in these pictures. These are just steamed ones.


  1. And this is singhade ka hatrick - 1) halwa, 2) puri, 3) muthia :D
    You have quite a nice collection of fasting recipes. Kaafi vrat karti ho kya?

    1. Thanks Nisha...there is one more to come :-)
      Bahut vrat nahi karti , 6-7 sall pehle har navratri mein kiya karti thi.

      Now I am posting as there was a demand :-)

  2. thats one innovative recipe. you have so many fasting recipes sangeeta. i wish i could get water chestnut or buckwheat flour here. would have tried some of your fasting recipes.