Friday, April 8, 2011

sweet potato salad with grapefruit segments and pepitas | vrat ka khana...

Sweet potatoes are healthy as they a packed with the choicest of nutrients, a bit high on calories, carbohydrates to be precis , but the carbohydrates are all complex. This salad makes the sweet potatoes even more healthy by adding a cits fruit and some pumpkin seeds n it. A filling hearty meal for your fasting days, or any day as I do.

I had made this salad in winters when my grapefruit tree was loaded with heavy fruits. Did I tell you that I had sweet potatoes too in my garden ?

This one is from market but I got quite a few sweet potatoes to enjoy from my own patch.

I enjoyed many variations of this salad and one of them is here for you...

Microwave the sweet potatoes in a covered bowl. Cool down till easy to handle, peel off the skin and chop in bite sized pieces.

Add chopped green coriander liberally, salt n pepper to taste (sendha namak for fasting), and some separated segments of grapefruit as I used here, or oranges or even mosambi, any sweet and sour citrus fruit will be gorgeous with this salad.

Shave or grate some jaggery over it, or use brown sugar. I sprinkled some red chilly powder too, do that if you like some heat .

Add any chopped nuts or seeds, I used pepitas (pumpkin seeds). Go for the nuts as and how you like them, roasted or raw, add some raisins if you feel like, add a tbsp or two of orange juice .... addition of lemon juice is optional, depending on what citrus fruit you are using...

I liked this salad on room temperature , you can have it cold or chilled if you like. And I have not listed the ingredients but they are typed in bold letters. I hope that will be fine for yol. After all this recipe is such an easy thing to toss up, why make it sound complicated :)

As I told I make many salads from sweet potatoes and a few of them use raw sweet potatoes too. Sweet potatoes can be eaten raw too and you can make the use of this power (nutrient) packed wonder food for your fasting days...

In this salad the microwave cooked sweet potatoes become a bit dry and porous ... and they absorb the juices or lemon and oranges or grapefruit deliciously.... you can imagine those bits of orange juice infused sweet potatoes, spiced up with black pepper and red chilly powder...need I say more ?

Enjoy the salad till I come with another...stay tuned...


  1. You know the more i come to your blog , the more you make me hungry but this one is good .. and easy maybe i will try it take it for lunches to office lets see .. :)


  2. yummy healthy and delicious :)

  3. Fantastic...irresistibly yumm..

  4. That's a new way with potatoes and looks yummy too!

  5. Sangeeta, that looks wonderful --chat pata and healthy--WOW!

    PS: I tried your microwave besan ka halwa---what a wonderful idea (I added a little extra ghee, bec hubby likes it sweet and greasy, and it came out wonderful!) you get the best ideas! :D

    Keep inspiring!

  6. Thanks GB...the microwave besan halwa was a way to make it quick as well as low fat for my husband as he likes it quite frequently :)
    Making it richer is up to your choice , especially if you are indulging in it occasionally.