Friday, February 18, 2011

fruity citrus cake....

This is a very flavorful moist cake although the pictures don't do justice to the actual cake. In fact i made a large round cake for gifting someone and the leftover batter was poured into a loaf tin so a dwarf loaf was left with me and that one is posing for pictures here...The cake was made some 2 moths ago , the recipe was requested and here i am...

The cake has lot of fruit and less fat so the flavors are truly divine . I like adding some fruit or vegetable to my cakes for the added moisture specially when the cake is made low fat. I added finely grated apples and pineapples along with some pineapple juice and orange zest , the flavors were to die for..... i was planning to serve it with butterscotch or chocolate sauce but the thin slices vanished in one go ....

plain flour (maida) 2.5 cups
oil 3/4 cup
sugar 3/4 cup
Eggs 5 nos.
baking powder 1 tsp
soda bicarb 1/4 tsp
salt one scant pinch
finely grated apples 1 cup
finely grated or coarse paste of pineapples 1 cup
pineapple juice 1 cup or as required
orange zest 2 tbsp


In a mixing bowl add the oil , sugar and eggs and mix well till creamy .

Add the coarse paste of apples and pineapple into it and mix again . I used my chopper to make a coarse paste of both apple and pineapple. A food processor can be used as per convenience.

Now add the maida and baking powder and soda bicarb to the batter and whip adding the pineapple juice and grated or chopped orange zest. Make a smooth flowing batter adding pineapple juice as required....

Pour in greased and dusted cake pan and bake at 180 degree for 40 minutes . Check by inserting a skewer , cool for a while and invert the cake by tapping the cake pan... the loaf tin here , i just cut the slices without taking it out and it vanished...

No one is going to believe the cake has apples as the citrus flavors dominate the cake . pineapple adds a very nice tart and sweet thing to the cake .Apples in this cake just help in making the cake moist and soft . Sugar can be adjusted to taste as this is a mild sweet cake and you can add a couple tablespoons more of sweetness to it....

I am imagining a citrus glaze over this cake right now...


  1. Thanks Vatsala ...welcome to Banaras Ka Khana.

  2. this looks yum... i too like pineapple in cakes but never apples... shud be interesting

  3. hey thats a lovely cake..beautifully risen

  4. looks nice and soft! would give it a shot and let you know.

  5. Sangeeta, Mujhe lagta hai Master Chef to aap ho.. here is a kiss on those hands.. lovely hands ...turning out such gems for all of us to marvel at :)

  6. Awee..Rekha...i am blushing!!!