Wednesday, December 8, 2010

desi banana pancake with toffee banana topping ..... and toffee banana for a dessert

Every country has it's own pancake and every home has it's own version . Not only one ,  different versions for different seasons , for many healthy - yummy reasons . Overripe bananas in the fruit basket is one great reason to mash them up for a quick pancake ( if not a bread or a cake ) .

Meetha cheela is a common desi pancake often served with malai ( clotted cream ) , honey , fruity chutneys or with just a tall glass of hot milk . I make it with jaggery or white sugar but when it is made with bananas , it is a special flavor for the sweet tooth guy . This pancake has bananas in two ways ... read on...

( 4 pancakes )
whole wheat flour 2 cups
milk 2 cups approximately
sugar 1 tbsp or more if you want it sweeter
mashed banana 1 no. ( large n overripe )
firm ripe banana 1 no. ( sliced diagonally )
Ghee 1 tbsp per pancake
butter 1 tbsp
sugar 1.5 tbsp for caramel


Mix the mashed banana , whole wheat flour and milk with sugar to taste and make a thick batter of flowing consistency .

Heat 1/2 tbsp ghee in a griddle ( i use an iron one ) , spread the ghee evenly and pour a ladleful of batter and spread to make a thick pancake ..... flip when brown on one side and apply ghee on the other side too....make similar pancakes with the remaining batter .

For the toffee banana topping , heat the butter on the same griddle or a different pan if you must , add the sugar to the melting butter and let it melt and get browned . Arrange the sliced bananas over the melting sugar and let it get coated with the caramelized sugar .

Pour over the pancakes and serve immediately......... and be ready for huge complements coming your way...

Take a bite yourself and you would know...

 But ...this is not a pancake for you if you hate bananas . Going by the belief that most of the kids and adults like bananas , this is a great weekend breakfast . Still not for me .... cuz i like these pancake in a very small portion and my breakfast has to be a hearty filling something savory kind get that...all the uttapams and poodas , poha etc. are for me....

Those toffee bananas are a favorite dessert of mine with some whipped fresh cream ....or a scoop of plain vanilla ice cream............

Just melt some butter and sugar together and let it caramelize ... dunk in the sliced bananas and let them coat ........ pour the bananas in individual serving bowls or shot glasses while still hot and top with vanilla ice cream.......... let the cold ice cream melt over the hot toffee bananas and scoop in........

Pure bliss it is........ don't think about the calories for once and dig in........let the ice cream melt a bit and it's a selfish indulgence after this ........

I have not seen a person who didn't love it.....cheers !!!


  1. Omg, am just drooling here, soooo tempting pancakes..

  2. loved the pancakes and the tofee banana icecream---slurp !

  3. I make banana pancakes too! ---only variations--I use regular maida (have to try atta now!) and egg, and instead of milk, I use one tablespoon of yogurt. Oh and I don't do the fancy caramel topping either, but now that you've shown me such tempting pictures, I guess I'll have to!


  4. wow, those look super delicious. Please do send it to Aipi's Veggie/Fruit a Month - Banana event.

  5. my kids will go bananas over this recipe, nice job!

  6. Sounds very delicious & YUM!!!!


  7. Hey Sangeeta, Great, I am sure my kids would love it, especially the elder one, she has a sweet tooth, and the younger one loves bananas!Will try and let u know.. keep the goodies coming ...

    take care
    warm regards

  8. Dear Sangeeta
    Thats a great one. My Mom used to make. We used to hide banana to over ripe, so that Maa had to make this pan cake.
    Let me hide one banana , to develop black skin...I want to get out of eating bread and milk every morning...from sprouted bean to bread and milk or milk and corn is like out off the frying pan into the fire ...
    Have a nice weekend

  9. Dear Ushnish..
    I am so glad this post could remind you of those days. You'd love this topping too.

  10. nice recipe..looks so perfect and yummy!!

  11. Sangeeta,the caramelized bananas look so appetizing on the pancakes,and I like the crisp look of the pancakes....delicious !!! You have been tagged in the questionnaire post on my blog today,please check it out:)!!!

  12. i used to throw away rice bananas, this is something new to me. Will try it out..

  13. Sangeetha, Love this desi pancake. Great recipe for overripe bananas. Awesome Click as well.

  14. I made something similar but yours looks way more yummy :)

  15. since my son doesn't eat bananas so this is a very good way to trick him ;-)
    Loved the topping.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  16. Wow that looks so delectable!!!That seems like anytime food to me :)