Friday, September 11, 2009

mushroom manchurian ...indo chinese style

i had promised Anju to post a recipe of mushroom manchurian took me so long to post the recipe though i made it a couple of weeks back.........better late that never and here i am with the yummy recipe.

this time i made the fried version , just for Anju , as she said she loved the dish in her college days so i guess it was served in the restaurants .......i usually skip the frying step and since i love mushrooms in any form i like the low fat version too.........but frying it in hot oil after dipping it in batter makes it really delicious and can be enjoyed once in a is definitely healthier than the restaurants as you use fresh n healthy ingredients............i just hope Anju likes it n finds it similar to the one she enjoyed during her stay in India....

fresh mushrooms make all the difference here but mine were waiting in the fridge for a week.......

they were still in good form so i went ahead....

step 1.

mushrooms are cleaned and halved, and they were tossed with some salt , pepper and red chilly powder ( i normally do not use red chilly powder but the resto's use it so i added just to copy that.....though it's better to avoid red chilly i's better without them) and some minced ginger and garlic ( i used a tsp of each for 150 gm of mushrooms) ......also when i do not use red chilly powder i add some minced green chillies too ...that gives a nice aroma to it.........

step 2.

in the meanwhile, make a batter by mixing 3-4 tbsp of all purpose flour with salt and pepper , an egg and 1-2 tbsp of water....dip the mushroom pieces into the batter and deep fry in hot oil quickly.........take care that the oil is very hot , drop the mushroom pieces in small batches so that the oil temperature does not drop , and drain the mushroom pieces quickly on kitchen tissue..........this helps in minimizing oil content and it prevents the mushroom pieces from becoming soggy while can wrap the fried mushroom in the tissue for a while so that most of the oil is absorbed into the tissue....

step 3.

chop some green chillies finely or in you like ........if you like it hot , the chillies should be finely chopped or you can have a lot of green you like....

and you need minced ginger and much s you want.....i used a tbsp of each...
and a big onion sliced finely....

heat a tsp of oil in a pan and throw in the ginger garlic and green chilies and just after a minute throw in the onion slices too......stir and fry on high flame till the onion is translucent....( i use spring onions normally but that is not in season right now.......if using that , the sliced bulbs are added with the ginger garlic and the chopped leaves are added for finishing the dish)...

add 1-2 tbsp of soya sauce and 1-2 tbsp of tomato ketchup ( i use 2 tbsp each) , stir and add a cup of water let it boil and then add 2 tsp of corn flour dissolved in 1/4 cup of water......wait till the sauce becomes thick n boils....throw in all the fried mushrooms ...mix well to coat them with the sauce....

( if you want a little more sauce you can add some more water).....add chopped greens of spring onions and serve immediately.........

it's good with plain boiled rice or noodles or even with roti......
i'll post my healthier low fat version very soon as that is what i make all the time when mushrooms are in season here...........


  1. my bro loved this esp cauliflower version when we were in India lol

  2. Mushroom manchurian makes me drool:) Love mushroom in any form.

  3. Sangeeta
    Thank you so much! just looking at the pictures took me back to Pune, eating mushroom manchurian & garlic naan. I am so looking forward to making that! The pics are making me drool...

  4. wow lovely pic...feel like having it from ur plate as it really looks delicious

  5. delicious dish....with yummy sauces and flavours

  6. I love mushroom very much. Oh! mushroom manchurian looks yummy and delicious. Very beautifully presented with wonderful pictures.

  7. I am sure that was great!


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  9. Wow nice one!!!! I posted soya chilli last week :)

  10. Hey,

    just read ur comment & followed u here...And I'm glad I did...Of all ur blogs, I was attracted by this Banaras ka Khana.... As it had recipes from the North....

    And a special to this manchurian, as it gets u drooling....Would surely wanna try this...soon...And when I do I would surely let u know...

    Hope 2 c u around more often....

    Following u too....


  11. i like mushroom i m just going 2 make it after navratras.

  12. Can I make these without eggs? Any alternatie to eggs/ any extra precaution needs to be taken in that case?
    Am presuming we can make gobhi manchurian same way..... How abt Paneer chilli ( a fav out here :)?

  13. yes it can be made without eggs and even without deep frying....sometimes i just stir fry the mushrooms till they are a bit dehydrated and then proceed to make chilly with them.
    With gobi , paneer , boiled potatoes or soya chunks ( chicken and fish too) this turns out great . Try with a thick batter of only corn flour and maida mix if you are deep frying these...turns out good.