Tuesday, September 1, 2009

imli wala kaddu

pumpkin is full of good fiber and antioxidants....good for health...vitamins , minerals , especially beta-carotinoids and Vit.C , magnesium ...the seeds have zinc..

in India it is used in curries and desserts , both raw and ripe fruits are used to make curries....but you'l get the raw pumpkin easily in markets , with creamy white flesh as well as yellow to orange flesh.....yellow and orange ones should be preferred to cook as they have more carotene content ...little fat should be used to cook as the pigments are fat soluble and can be absorbed easily by the digestive system.

pumpkin is good for wt. loss too as it has less calorie for more food and is reported to lessen fat absorbtion by the body from other food sources too....( so it's good to have lots of kaddu ki sabzi with puri as the fat from puri will not be absorbed completely ..:))..

here i have used raw pumpkin which has fresh green skin and a yellow flesh.....so no need to remove the skin and you get the carotenes too.......

recipe is simple and has a southern touch as it has curry patta in it ( which is good for wt. loss too) addition of tamarind water adds to the antioxidant content.......in a tasty yummy way.....

recipe is simple and needs a few ingredients..

cubed pumpkin with skin 400 gm.
1 large potato cubed with skin
mustard oil 1 tsp
asafoetida a pinch
rai ( small mustard seeds) 1 tsp
ginger n garlic crushed or made into a coarse paste 1/2 tbsp each
red chilly powder 1 tsp or a little more ( i use 2 tsp)
turmeric powder 1 tsp
a cup of water extracted from a marble sized ball of tamarind
salt to taste
5-6 springs of curry patta

to proceed ..

heat oil in a kadhai and tip in the asafoetida and the rai seeds .

throw in the curry patta and ginger garlic with potatoes, as soon as the rai crackles....after a few seconds add the pumpkin cubes too....toss and mix.

throw in the salt and turmeric powder n red chilly powder and keep tossing n mixing ..

lower the flame and cover...cook covered till the pumpkin is soft but not mashed..

pour in the tamarind water and cook covered for another couple of minutes...

serve hot with puris or chapatis.


  1. Tamarind with kaddu ... aha ... am sure this will turn out quite spicy and tangy. :-)

  2. sangita, tender kaddu is surely a delicacy, as you know we are huge kaddu fans, with tender kaddu, we make a similar curry like this and chutney. My grand ma used to cook tender kaddu with milk and jaggery by i never used to like that.even the fleshy thread like content of the ripe kaddu is used to make chutney. pl post more of kaddu recipes.(North indian Style)