Saturday, August 29, 2009

sattu ka paratha

This is truly banaras ka khana.sattu is a flour of roasted gram and it is available in banaras very easily. when I don't get it here in Delhi, I just powder some roasted gram in the spice grinder and use accordingly..

This paratha is a tasty and healthy food when served with tomato salsa or baingan ks bharta ....but most of the people like it as it is, may be with a bowl of dahi.

The recipe is simple. In a food processor or chopper it becomes easier but can be done manually too, chopping the onion garlic I mean...:)")

you need.........
one large onion
4-5 garlic cloves, an inch piece of ginger
and 2-3 green chillies and coriander leaves ( dint use cuz they are out of season) are processed to make a fine mince......
then mixed with 5-6 tbsp of sattu ( to make 4-5 parathas)
a tsp of ajwain seeds
2 tsp of aam ka achar spice mix ( straight from the achar jar)
2 tsp or more of lemon juice
and salt to taste

mix all these well and sprinkle some water to mix so that the stuffing mixture becomes the same consistency as that of the dough......

this mixture is stuffed into whole wheat dough , rolled to make a flat round paratha and fried on hot tawa with some ghee.......

ready to eat. .....suitable for a weekend breakfast with lassi or dahi .......or as a dinner with some...tomato salsa..........


  1. Hugs to u dear. The paratha is very nice. S also read ur post and mentioned it's very popular in Bihar. Adding achaar is a great idea.

  2. hmm.looks nice and love to try it :)

  3. yes it is very popular in bihar and eastern parts of UP...
    i have the famous litti chikha of bihar in my archives too.

  4. didn't know you could make paranthas with sattu ka atta. Looks delicious.
    In MP, especially Indore, I've had sattu ke laddoo which are like besan laddoo but better. If I am not mistaken Punjabis also make a sweet powdery stuff for prasad with it.

  5. Jaya..yes the sattu ke laddu i have tasted were made with jaggery molases and i am still looking for some molasses to make's awesome in taste .the other version of sattu ka laddu is with some ghee and powdered sugar which just so ordinary for me...:)

    the prasad punjabis make is not with's with whole wheat aatta slow rasted with ghee ( sometimes suji is also added...i am a UP girl ( my father got transfered to many places in the country) married to a punjabi , whose grandparents lived in Bihar( after partition)...lots of influences :)

  6. I love sattu ka paratha with green peas curry-anjan