Friday, December 11, 2009

hari tahiri akhrot ki chutny ke saath

Tahiri or teheri is a rice preparation made with vegetables , a perfect one pot meal which is usually served with raita is cooked like a pulav but addition of a lot of vegetables make it healthier , it has been a childhood favorite for me n my husband both but the flavors we like in a tahiri are different ( unfortunately )...he likes it a little bland , with potatoes n peas essentially and smelling of ghee , while i like it very spicy with lots of vegetables into it....needless to say i have to make it somewhat in between , not too spicy not to bland and  i find it very easy to sneak in a lot of veggies into it by adding vegetables of different types , like here the potatoes and cauliflower pieces retain their shape while the spinach and dill greens get wilted n mixed up with rice to give it a nice green color.....this kind of a preparation is a good way to make anybody ( especially children) eat a lot of vegetables without even is actually a great way of eating a lot of vegetables with small quantity of rice...........

This time we enjoyed it with akhrot ki chutny which is a kashmiri specialty....i used to love it at one of my aunt's place where it was served with biryanis and dry roasts....later on i made many versions of this akhrot ki chutny adding ginger n green chillies to it because i did not remember exactly how my aunt used to make it....recently i found this recipe by Gaurav and it tasted exactly like that one i had been craving for.........and it's much simpler is a regular chutny at my place this season ( we eat more walnuts in winters out of habit ).........

ingredients for the tahiri ...
basmati rice 1/2 cup
cauliflower florets 10-12 nos.
potatoes cubed 2 nos.
green chillies chopped 2 tbsp
ginger julienne 2 tbsp
spinach leaves chopped finely ( or processed ) 3 cups
dill leaves chopped 1 cup
shahi jeera 1/2 tsp
cumin seeds 1 tsp
black pepper corns crushed coarsely 1 tbsp
star anise 1 flower
cinnamon stick 1 no.
cloves 4 nos.
black cardamom crushed lightly 1 no.
salt to taste
oil or ghee 1 tbsp
everyday curry powder ( or a mix of coriander , cumin , black pepper n bay leaf  in 4:2:2:1 ratio powdered together ) 2 tsp

procedure for tahiri...

heat oil in a pan ..... i use a special pan meant for biryanis which is a flat base aluminium pan with tight fitting lid ....throw in all the whole spices and the cut vegetables together and stir fry till the aroma of whole spices comes through n the veggies look slightly translucent ..

add the green chillies , ginger julienne and the rice and stirfry till the rice gets fragrant ...about 2-3 minutes ...add the powder spices , mix well and turn a couple of times and then tip in the chopped greens......mix well and let the greens wilt and mixed up...

add salt and a cup of boiling water ( double the quantity of rice ) , mix well and cover ...let it cook on lowest possible heat for 10 minutes or till cooked....let it rest for another 5 minutes and serve hot with a raita or salad and chutny...

ingredients for akhrot ki chutny...
walnuts 100 gm
curds 150 gm
salt to taste
red chilly powder 1-2 tsp as per taste 
water if required to adjust the consistency

to make the chutny... just powder the walnuts in a mixie first , them mix all the other ingredients and give it a quick's ready to be savored with a tahiri , a biryani or any kind of tandoori tikka etc...addition of grated radish to this chutny tastes yummy but it should be added at the time of serving as it can not be stored in the fridge....without adding radish the chutny can stay fresh for a couple of days in fridge.....

enjoy a simple and healthy tahiri with a decadent chutny....


  1. Sangeeta, I made a peas pulao just the other day with some corn and carrots thrown in. But yours looks delicious. I have never used whole spices, instead rely on garam masala. But I have to give your method a try soon. It looks so much healthier with all the veggies and the chutney looks good too. I have never had this kind before.

  2. Tahiri looks delicious and yummy. And yeah..akhrot chutney too. Never tasted it though. Will try to make it oneday.

  3. Dear Sangeeta
    The Chutney recipe is fantastic and new for me.
    The Taher reminds me of good old days.
    We used to make and eat lot of Tahiri in Kuwait. I like it the way your hubby likes,bland, no riot of spice. I will settle for a Vege pulao if I have make it spicy.
    Have a nice day

  4. Hey Deary,

    Now this is something new to me.... And I liked it too..... I would try this prep sometimes.... And yes the template that u have right now is Minima black or dark, all u have to do is just select the Minima, on the pick new templates list & u r done......This is a white background....Just changes the color from black to white....


  5. thanks everybody ...yes the chutny is a must try and has the potential to become a 'always in fridge ' item...:)
    thankyou Asha for the tip as i was so lazy n dumb to notice such a simple thing..:)

  6. Sangeta, came back to check on you and was pleasantly surprised to see the new look. I like it better with the white background. If it is all the same to you, don't change it back to black. Like I told you before, this is much easier to read and has a cleaner look. :)

  7. Sangeeta, I add peas and cauliflower florets. Your recipe looks yummy...can try it sometime. The chutney is new to me.

  8. Thanks for the akhrot chutney bit. The Tahiri looks yummy..serious nostalgia creeping in now...takes me back memory lane, when Tahiri was staple during bachelor days.

  9. This chutney is totally new to me..Great entry Sangeeta!!!

  10. Tahiri sounds healthy and looks delicious!!! new chutney to me..Never tasted it but i am curious now..will try it.:)Thanks for sharing

  11. Tahiri is very famous but never seen how its made till now. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Brand new to me, but sounds yum yum

  13. Delicious rice,never tried.Want to try