Sunday, July 3, 2011

mirchi gosht | mutton cooked with a chilly garlic seasoning

Mirchi gosht is a fiery mutton dish which is almost like a roast. A mutton recipe when you have to make do with frugality . When you need minimal ingredients and minimal cooking . And when you are not dying of heart attack to hear about ghee and some more ghee. I like this recipe for it's minimalistic , almost frugal ingredient list , preparation and cooking time. It doesn't mean this mutton recipe is not yummy . It suits you when your idea of mutton yummines is not garam masala and onion and everything else that a rich gravy involves.

At the same time it is a very hot mutton curry , to be served with a cooling raita and a nice and light spiced pulao with some cubes of potatoes... potatoes sound quirky in a pulao but you would know what they actually taste like when you eat .

So the only ingredients in this mutton curry is lots of green chillies and lots of garlic and well , lots of ghee .

I cooked 250 gm of mutton and used this much garlic and green chillies . These are hot chillies and the garlic id the pungent Indian variety.

Both these are liquidized to make a smooth paste first of all.

3 tbsp ghee and the paste of garlic green chilies is mixed with the mutton pieces along with salt to taste . Using a pressure cooker pan for cooking the mixture is stir fried for 5 minutes.

Then a cup of water is added and the contents are pressure cooked for 25 minutes .

It looks like this when you open the pressure cooker lid. Bubbling ghee and a hot sniff from the chilies  Garlic gives a pungency to the sniff too but the real garlic flavor is prominent when you taste the curry.

Empty the contents of the pressure cooker pan into the serving dish . Taking care to scrape every little bit of burnt or stuck material . You can't afford to waste tasty bits of the curry made with such frugal ingredients...

The mutton pieces are melt in your mouth soft and the hot gravy sticking to the meat is something you can't resist , even if you are drinking water to quench your irritated palate again and again...

As i said the rice served with it serves as a nice aromatic balancing dish . Soaked basmati rice is cooked with some whole spices and potatoes fried in minimal ghee and cooked with enough water till done.

To make this mildly spiced pulao with potatoes you need to dunk in lots of cumin seeds in some ghee in a kadai . Add crushed peppercorns , lightly crushed black cardamom , a green cardamom, a cinnamon stick and a few cloves . Then add some cubed potatoes and fry everything together for 3-4 minutes . Add the soaked rice , mix well and add enough water to cook and salt to taste . Cook till done and serve hot with this mirchi gosht.

I used 3 tbsp of rice and one medium sized potato for 2 servings. A large bowl of cucumber and raw onion raita feels like heaven with this hot gosht.
You would love it if you like hot curries and love garlic. And if you do not intend to die of a heart attack. Ghee is not the one to blame. Garlic is healing and so is the green chilly. Did you know that?

All the ghee in this curry gets separated when cooked . The leftover ghee can be used in a very innovative manner along with some of the leftover pieces... I made a nice mutton dalcha with the ghee and the leftover mutton pieces . You would love that too.



  1. Dear Sangeeta
    Thats a great recipe! Must try soon.

  2. Sounds delicious Sangeeta and thanks for posting the snapshot of garlic and chillies!
    The spice combination would be perfect with plain rice also and a touch of thick yogurt.

  3. I am drooling but me very very sad..I would love to have this but we dont get mutton anywhere close where we live! I guess I will have to bookmark this until I can purchase some in distant future! Hope I will rem'mber then LOl!!!

  4. I'm a great fan of ghost.This recipe sounds fabulous sangeeta..I cannot resist myself from trying them out.

  5. Above all the recipe is tasty food. I prepare for this food in my home. Its look great food. Every one like this healthy food.

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  7. I want to sit down to this meal, eat with my hands and lick my fingers and plate too! :)

  8. Nice recipe.Never heard of using only garlic in non-veg curries,love the flavour of garlic....

  9. oh wow...wonderful presentaion...absolutely mouthwatering..
    Tasty Appetite

  10. Amazing dish!! I am following you here for more great idea and hope you have time to follow my space too :)