Sunday, May 3, 2009

aam malai | a mango and cream dessrt

now this one dish is special to banaras as mangoes of banaras are quite famous and we eat mangoes in many ways..........n keep finding new ways to eat'em..........aam malai is something like a perfect comfert food for all of us siblings and arvind is kind of addicted to it.........he loves sweet dishes n this is one creamy n flavorful cooking involved, just 3 ingredients and it takes just 5 minutes to chop the mangoes to make it...........chill n serve........great for big get togethers as i have always found that this dish becomes a central talking point as soon as it is served...........i am more happy to serve it cuz it is quick n easy n brings me lots of praises ....everytime, without is a high calorie dessert ( arvind can have it for all meals ) and you can limit the portion size , though it is almost impossible to do that......

for making it ..just chop the ripe n aromatic mangoes ( alphonso, or langra in india are the best suited..any lavorful variety is good for this) into neat cubes.....i used alphonso this time.

add 3-4 tbsp of sugar to 2 cups of chopped mangoes n let it sit for 5 minutes till the juices of mango come out....lightly mash with the back of a spoon if you like it more gooyi or runny

now add a cup of heavy cream or fresh malai( fresh cream skimmed off from fullcream milk kept in the fridge).........mix well n chill ..if you want a thicker dish , whip the cream before folding lightly into the mango mixture.........i like it with malai and a bit runny cuz this is the way i have eaten it right from my childhood.

i make low fat versions of this dish too n will post those on my healthy food blog soon..........till then enjoy this........


  1. Wow looks delicious. Love the combo of cream n mango :)

  2. banaras is my nanihaal and i love aam-malai...especially as it was my nanaji's favorite and mine too ....we would go together to get malai from the halwai in the summer evenings and then have this aam-malai with dinner and today whenever i have this i remember my nanaji and miss him and the banarasi malai ...sadly he is no more and i don't go to banaras any more.