Thursday, June 18, 2009

ras wala kaddu

kaddu ki ras wali sabzi, rasedaar kaddu, vrat wala kaddu or pumpkin curry .......whatever you call this kaddu ki sabzi , it is so tasty that you'll end up eating the sabzi like a soup........i made it with plain puris and did not count how many helpings we took of the sabzi...........

i have posted a few more versions of kaddu ki sabzi earlier as i like the this veggie very is easier to cook, healthy as it is packed with loads of Vit.A and fiber and the most important fact is that it can be made in minimal amounts of oil........with puris it is an ideal combination traditionally too......the recipe is simple and the taste comes from clever use of few common on the recipe............


pumpkin ( with green skin and yellow flesh) cubed 400 gm
potatoes cubed with skin 200 gm
dry ginger(sonth) 1 inch piece
dry whole red chillie 5-6 nos.
( the use of dry ginger powder and red chilly powder is convenient but the taste in this curry comes from freshly ground ingredients)
turmeric powder 1 tsp
salt to taste
amchoor or dry mango powder 2 tsp
asafoetida a pinch
rai seeds or mustard seeds 1 tsp
mustard oil 1 tsp


heat the oil in a pressure cooker , throw in the asafoetida and the rai seeds and let the splutter.............add the cubed veggies and salt n turmeric powders at once and toss to let them all mixed up n cook for a while.......add the grind sonth and red chilly together in spice grinder n add to the cooker.....toss well and add about a liter of water , place the lid and cook till one whistle and it's done........just add the amchoor powder when you open the pressure cooker, mix well to get the veggies a bit mashed up and serve hot with puris.

missed taking pictures of puris with it as they disappeared as soon as they came out of the kadai.........the combination of these two can't let you wait.....for anything.......

it is better to make this sabzi ahead of time as it tastes better after about an hour of getting cooked....there is a lot of water in this sabzi and veggie pieces seem to be submerged in the 'ras'.......but believe me you will fall short of 'ras' this time.....just try....


  1. Kaddu is one of my favourite veggie....this recipe sounds yum.......

  2. First time here!!You have got authentic recipes from Banaras!!
    Kaddu sounds better with this method.Surely i will try n let u know.
    Suggest you to sign your photos and prevent plagiarism of the same.
    Do drop in sometime to my blog

  3. Hey Sangeeta, name of the dish itself sounds so good, i'm sure it tastes great.

    Thanks for ur nice n sweet words in my blog yaar...and yeah i really enjoy following some of those Hindi blogs, i love to read them!!!
    I also love to reply in hindi when someone comments on my recipes. I wudn't mind writing in Hindi Sangeeta but the problem is there r many americans too who follow my will b difficult for them!!!

    And yeah when it comes to hindi, i love all ur recipe names and ofcourse the blog name Banaras ka Khaana!!!

  4. this is very new to me..looks nice:)

  5. yuuuummmmmm is the word... aloo-kumhra came out superb, initially, I was not so sure about cooking in cooker, but believe me,it came out amazing.........