Tuesday, April 28, 2009

seviyan kheer or vermicelli kheer | sheer khurma

After sharing my experiences in Banaras this recipe of seviyan kheer or seviyan payasam seems to be a good idea as I brought some fine seviyan from Dalmandi where you get the best seviyan of the world. Yes I have heard many of my Muslim friends mention they get their seviyan for sheer khurma and seviyon ka Muzaffar from Dalmandi of Banaras and that it is the best they can get.

I agree absolutely with them. The sheer khurma is called a seviyon ki kheer or seviyan in Hindu homes, a clear influence of the Muslim cuisines and we love it. Everyone stocks u some seviyan during the Eid season as that is when these come in truckloads.

seviyan, sheer khurma

Sheer khurma or light and thin seviyan kheer is easy and quick to make and Arvind can have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, he is brought up on sweet breakfasts and breakfasts for meals. As an occasional dessert we all love sheer khurma or seviyan.

a cup of broken seviyan (thin vermicelli)
1 liter whole milk
2 tbsp sura
chopped nuts to taste
cardamom or rose water to flavour (optional)


Heat some ghee (2 tbsp) in a pan, tip in a cup of broken seviyan into it and fry slowly till golden brown. It is better to keep the flame low as it allows uniform browning to ensure great taste.

Pour in full cream milk into the pan (1 litre) and let it boil while stirring constantly, adding 2 tbsp sugar or more if you like it really sweet. It is done as soon as it starts boiling. Some cream can be added to make it really rich but that is optional.

Some chopped nuts added and it is ready. Serve it hot, warm or chilled, we love it any which way.

Cardamoms or rose water can be added if you like. We like it plain.

I remember these seviyan and sooji ki kheer used to be quick desserts whenever some guests came unannounced, in the 70s and 80s there was no custom of letting people know if one had a plan to visit. Those surprise visits used to be the sweetest. Those days are gone forever.

We can make seviyan even now and find a way to remember good old days.

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