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mung ka halwa step by step | easy recipe of mung daal halwa...

Mung ka halwa is one dessert which is seen brushing shoulders with brownies, tarts, tiramisu, truffles and the likes on the modern party menus. A traditional recipe which has survived the test of time well. It is definitely higher on calories but if you eat sensibly it makes an enjoyable dessert, and if you cook it sensibly, it doesn't make your arms ache and your tummy grumble. Believe me.

recipe of mung daal halwa

Many of us dread making this halwa simply because of two reasons. One, it is too heavy and two, it takes a lot of stirring and mixing and whipping while cooking it. So much so that your arms are sore the next day. Right!!

This has been my signature dessert for many large get-togethers and as I have made it many times and in large quantities. I can say I have worked on ways to make it a bit easier and healthier, I mean a bit low on ghee and that too when you make it in smaller quantity.

When you make it in large quantity you need to have enough ghee otherwise it is tough to keep up with stirring to prevent sticking n burning in the base of kadhai......

The best way to make it in less quantity of ghee is to make it in the largest thick base kadai you have and always use a flat spatula to stir the halwa while frying (bhunoeing). Another trick for preventing your arms from getting sore, I shall describe with the procedure. read on....


mung dal (split and husked mung beans) 1 cup
ghee 3/4 cup
sugar 1/2 cup
a handful of almonds, slivered

Soak the mung dal in water for 2 hrs or overnight  and grind it in mixie to make a smooth paste, you'll get about 2.5 cups of mung paste.

Now heat ghee in a large thick base kadai and coat the kadai well with ghee all over, keeping the flame very low, pour the mung paste in it and stir well.

The first thing you notice is, that the mung paste becomes lumpy and sticks to the base of kadai. This is enough to scare a first timer, but do not worry and keep stirring after every few minutes.

stepwise recipe of mung daal halwastepwise recipe of mung daal halwa

Normally it needs to be stirred and whipped continuously. To make it easy, spread the paste in a layer in the kadai and let it brown for a while.

stepwise recipe of mung daal halwastepwise recipe of mung daal halwa

Then turn it scraping the paste from the base of kadhai and spread again to get it browned again......

recipe of mung daal halwarecipe of mung daal halwa

 Repeat the process until the mung mixture becomes nicely browned and aromatic.

Add sugar and put off the flame. Mix well and cover with a lid and let the sugar melt and get absorbed into the halwa.

Some people add cardamom powder for flavor but I feel that the aroma of fried mung daal is so delicate and mildly aromatic, that any other flavoring agent is not needed.

Mung daal halwa should taste like mung daal and not elaichi. Though you may go by your own choice. Add cardamom, rose water or whatever spice you like.

recipe of mung daal halwarecipe of mung daal halwa

You may need to sprinkle a little milk if the mixture has become too dry. Mix well and throw in the slivered almonds (any type of nuts and any amount  and serve hot.

The halwa keeps well on room temperature (in winters here) for about a week and in the fridge you can keep it for months. Just heat it in the microwave and serve when needed.

recipe of mung daal halwa

I made it for Arvind's birthday as halwa (Kadah prasad) is made for such occasions traditionally and this time I choose mung ka halwa as he said it had been ages since I made this. These are some of the foods he loves.

I hope you noticed how I turned and stirred the cooking halwa only when it gets browned on one side. That is the trick to not keep stirring it all the time. Try doing it and let me know if you liked this slightly dry mung ka halwa. 

You can add a little milk every time you reheat it before serving, it gets moist that way.


  1. Wonderful explanation dear. It looks so classic and makes me crave....Now i wish to do this halwa:)

  2. hey thts my fav...luks very tempting.

  3. hi sangeeta,
    I love moong dal halwa and my Amma makes it superb!! I made it only once and got a satisfactory result, it is quite a job na!
    ur recipes are a pleasure to go through.

  4. Belated wishes to Arvind ji. Good way to make him feel so special.
    The color and texture of the Halwa is perfect Sangeeta. I love this halwa but can have only a bite or two.

  5. Hehe ... it is due to the sore bicep and time that I came up with the instant version ... entirely my original recipe ... that is a hit now with family and friends ... including blogger friends. :-)
    You are right ... the soaked version does need a lot of ghee .. but a non stick pan always helps. Feel like picking up all that badam from your halwa bowl. :-) Great recipe Sangeeta!

  6. looks delicious , liked the step by step instructions too...simple one but seems very good...surely try it once

  7. Dear Sangeeta
    Thanks for sharing this healthy food. I like this dish and also your besan ka Halua too.
    That continuous stirring always scares my right hand and left hand too. Let me convince my wife to do the stirring business. I don't mind eating the whole Kadai-ful of this dish

  8. I love moong halwa....But never tried.....

    Did u collect ur award from my blog... Beers to you!!!!! award....... If u did , ignore...if not do collect....


  9. thanks everybody....this way of turning and strring the halwa requires about 1/10th of the effort as compared to constant stirring n that's why i took so many pictures :)

    thankyou Pari for your wishes!!

    yes Sharmila...i have seen your low fat version n i have yet to try that roasted version...i make it with unroasted mung powder otherwise..

    thanks Ushnish..if you make it with about 2 cups of daal n follow this way of frying the daal , it takes lesser effort with your arms :):)
    it's worth the effort and no other version tastes the same!!

    thanks Asha for the award....sorry for being lazy for posting the award...will do it soon.

  10. Healthy and yummy halwa..Never tried halwa with moong dal..But my sis used to do always nice step by step presentation..:)

  11. Sangeeta, moong halwa is a staple in Malwa region, especially in Indore, during weddings or any kind of parties. It tastes best when floating in ghee and that is one of the reasons I do not make it at home. But your version looks delicious and healthy. I think I might just try it.
    Birthday wishes to Arvind. Is his birthday on the 7th or around it? T's is on the 7th, which is today for us. And I have to tell you, I have not made anything for him. Infact, he is out right now getting Thai food. You put me to shame girl. :)

  12. delicious looking halwa,...i had this yesterday at one of the cme at aiims,..didnt had the courage to try this but now i guess i will,..;-)

  13. Wow...halwa looks so tempting and yummy.

  14. looks delicious....My MIL makes it in 2 different ways but I never tried my hands on it....but after venturing into blogging world now there r so many sweets I want to try my hands on....

  15. Nice step by step clicks,Delicious Halwa