Tuesday, November 2, 2010

lemon pound cake served with a quick butterscotch sauce...

I baked a lemon cake for Arvind's birthday after spotting a few plump lemons in my garden . The lemon tree is laden with green lemons but they are not yet ready to be juiced or zested . I spotted a few of them just fragrant enough for a nice lemon cake .

But the flavors were not a bit close to the lemon cake i used to bake some years ago when i had a gondhoraj lebu ( a variety of large lemons with a think and very fragrant rind ) tree in my garden . That gondhoraj lebu was so good for making cakes and lemon tarts , i am looking for a seedling of that variety just for the lemon cakes and tarts we so used to enjoy.

Baking a lemon cake is anyways a great thing as the home is filled with a nice lemony fresh aroma and anybody entering the house is tempted to snoop into the kitchen . Lemon pound cake has been a long time favorite with both of us and whoever has been visiting when the cake was baked.

And the quick butterscotch sauce is as aromatic while being cooked , it sizzles on the flame and makes me drool with a chocolaty caramel aroma .........so well complemented with lemon cake . I made the butterscotch sauce thin so that the cake is soaked well , thick butterscotch sauce is suited for ice creams and trifles .

The cake is a normal pound cake where the cup measurements are so convenient even a child can whisk and bake them..

ingredients for the cake ...
maida ( APF ) 2 cups
butter 1 cup
sugar 3/4 cup ( 1 cup can be used when the cake is not topped with butterscotch sauce )
eggs 4 nos
lemon juice 1 tbsp
lemon zest 1 tsp
salt a pinch
soda bicarb 1/2 tsp
baking powder 1.5 tsp


Sift the maida , soda bi carb and baking powder together to mix them well and keep aside.

Whisk the eggs in a small bowl . Whisk the butter and sugar in another larger bowl till light and creamy . Add the whisked eggs slowly and keep whisking till a creamy frothy consistency is achieved . Add the lemon juice and lemon zest and whisk to mix .

Add the flour and fold the batter to make a homogeneous batter. Pour in a greased tin and bake for about 25 minutes at 200 degree C . Insert a skewer to check if the cake is cooked .

It is a lightly sweetened cake and great with a cup of tea any time of the day...

As a dessert it is complemented very well with this runny butterscotch sauce ...

ingredients for the butterscotch sauce...
sugar 1 cup
salt 1/2 tsp ( or 1/4 tsp if you don't like the hint of salt )
heavy cream 1 cup
milk 1/2 cup or more if you want it more runny
cocoa powder 3 tbsp
vanilla essence 1 tsp ( i used butterscotch essence which my sister had gifted me )

Pour sugar in a pan and heat to caramelize , as soon as it starts melting and getting golden colored add the cream and let the mixture boil . Mix cocoa powder with the milk and pour into the boiling mixture . Let it boil vigorously once again . Add  salt and take off heat. Use hot or cold as required.

A runny sauce is very well soaked into the cake and it was great this way . For ice cream topping it is better to keep the sauce thick so do not add any milk in that case.

You may like a thicker butterscotch sauce sandwiched between the slices of cake .... chocolate and lemon are the hottest of flavors and eat the way you like it.....


  1. Sangeeta, lovely lemons! Brought a rush of memories... and a favourite combination!

  2. hi sangeeta,
    hope u r doing good :) glad to visit ur blog after a long time :) first off..lovely snaps, next the a huge compliment for the moist looking cake which is so simple to bake, never tried a lemon cake as yet, shall include it in my baking list.

  3. Hey sangeeta...missed a lot of action on your blog because i was away from blogging for a while..but yes the lemon cake looks delicious.

  4. great to hear that u have a garden. We are living in an appartment, its almost difficult to see a tree.

    I miss my childhood days, we used to have trees in our backyard..

    Cake looks easy and delicious

  5. wow the lemon tree looks healthy and full of them .. and i love cakes ... thank for the recipee tooo I have tried having the lemon tree here but it just dies off in the winters too cold for it ...


  6. I love citrusy flavor in cakes and this one looks amazing with butterscotch sauce..

  7. Wow, what a cake. And the Gondharaj reference is almost scary in its coincidence. I have been trying to find this variety of lemon and might have done so, except shall not know until we get a lemon first! My neighbour knew it from her childhood up north and actually brought me one from Jamshedpur. I think it is called Gaja nimbe in Kannada - at any rate, this is the plant I wait for a lemon from.

  8. Thanks all of you guys ....

    @ Sangi ... I would feel happy at such coincidences ...gondhoraj or gaja the lemon is very pleasantly fragrant .

  9. I needed just this kind of recepie :)easy to put together and tasty to eat.

    Belated Birthday wishes for Arvind :)

  10. hi sangita, nice to see your lemon tree, here is a spice powder for you with tender lemon leaves. take half a cup of tender lemon leaves ,take out thick veins from them if any and tear it into pieces, dry in shade for one day . heat oil just few drops and dry roast red chillies 1 or 2 as per ur taste and also some hing, now dry grind the red chillies, some rock salt and the tender lemon leaves.
    We take it along with curd rice and since u make varieties of idlies, you can have this as a side dishwith little til or or ghee smeared to it. give a try

  11. Thanks Nirupama ..i would love this powder as i use the leaves for flavoring soups sometimes .I have a chakotra ( grapefruit ) tree too n hope those leaves can be used for the powder as well.

    Will let you know when i make this.

  12. Beautiful texture for this lemony cake.

  13. Hey sangi (I am taking the liberty to call you that :) ) where do you live in Delhi.. you have such greenery in your garden. Those lemons look so fresh and amazing.. I wish I had such a garden.. like Devasena says here.. its hard to find a tree leave alone having a garden..

    The cake looks great.. would try soon.

  14. Thank you Rekha ... i live in central delhi and it is a government apartment , in a campus ...and i am on the ground floor luckily . A small patch , not very well maintained but yes, it is a lucky green patch for me. I will post the pics very soon .

  15. Yummy !Yummy !!!

    These days i have been bitten by the baking bug. Will surely try out the lemon cake .

  16. drooling here,..its high time i start baking again,..;-)

  17. Hi. can the normal Amul fresh cream work for this?

  18. Hi can we use Amul fresh cream for the sauce? Will it be ok to heat it?

    1. Yes Appleofmyi...Amul fresh cream will be good to use, and it's okay to boil it for the sauce.