Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mishti doi cravings and a consumer complaint being responded...

A ready pack of mishti doi from Mother Dairy is almost a constant presence in my fridge. Although I make my own mishti doi whenever I fancy but something available so easily just across the lane makes it so much more convenient to just go get a tub of mishti doi whenever you feel like.

One such day when both of us wanted a spoonful of this luscious creamy sweetened yogurt and as I picked it up from inside the fridge I noticed the pack was puffed. I was aghast as we just had bought the pack the previous day and it had never happened before. The acrid smell of the yogurt crashed our mishti doi craving in no time.

We just thought of lodging a complaint online and see what happens. We were not hoping any response from Mother Dairy as a common consumer in our country is never compensated. Or so we thought. I just wanted to inform so they could check the same lot for any contamination and just a plain simple thought that they should decide on expiry dates more seriously. Having worked in a microbiology lab I know a few things that need to be fixed here.

I was surprised to get a call from them the next day to confirm our address and to my delight a fresh pack of mishti doi was delivered at my doorstep the very next day of the call. Surprisingly the mother dairy people were very polite and convincing and never sounded like doubting our complaint. I just needed to tell the manufacturing date of the pack and the person who delivered the fresh pack wanted to see the cover flap, though he was not particular about it.

The person on phone said they checked the lot and there was no irregularity, I was happy they took action. If a company cares about spoilage of products it must be caring about the quality of products too.

A lesson learnt. You should always complaint in case of food being putrid as it might be a case of the whole lot being contaminated or even some loopholes in the distribution system as some of the vendors might not be taking care to store the product at prescribed temperature. And you should wait for a replacement of the product too if the manufacturers are prompt in their action. Mother Dairy was.

And see what I did with the mishti doi this time....

With home made apricot jam, a chunky jam with juicy halves of apricots turned into a sweet bliss...

Mixed lightly with mishti doi any homemade fruit jam is a bliss as a dessert or as a healthy snack when you want something sweet.

Although for healthy snacking I prefer freshly cut fruit in my mishti doi...see how it does magic with mangoes...

Do you use your rights as a consumer ever?

Wait for another apricot jam dessert on these pages .... see you soon :)


  1. i was going to offer to sue them.. then i read the rest of the post :-) i like your blog.. gives me lots of ideas :-)

  2. Hey Nidhi ...welcome to my blog..i am loving you having here :)
    The apricots are from Leh you see ?
    I got to know you all plucked a lot of them fresh :)

  3. This happened with me once,we didn't lodge complaint just went and changed but then shopkeeper told this is how it looks,since the. I didn't buy again,..:(

  4. I have been thinking for some time- you are quite amazing in more ways than one- a wonderful blogger, adventurer (cycling expeditions), aware consumer and bright with positivity.
    By the way- how does one make mishti doi at home?

  5. Thank you Joylife ...

    I have given a link to my home made mishti doi in the first sentence of this post...If you missed it check this out...