Tuesday, January 24, 2012

baking pans and other baking utensils in Delhi ..

It's a difficult task for some to attempt baking. Especially in our country. But it becomes all the more difficult if you do not get baking utensils easily in the market. This section of utensils, that is Bakeware, is still an unorganised market even in bigger cities like Delhi. We get a few odd things here and there but finding a one stop shop is still difficult.

Many of us home bakers find it really hard to get something when required . I have myself never found when I search for something. There are very few shops in Delhi where you go and find all types and all sizes of pans, aluminium ones as well as the silicon or the non stick variety.

I have collected my own bake ware by random shopping through the years. Whenever I see a kitchenware shop I can't stop myself from checking it out. Just pick up something or the other and one by one I have collected some functional wares. The silicon pans and muffin pans have still not entered my kitchen as I am quite wary of how safe they are at such high temperature in contact with my food. They definitely look cute in bright colors.

I have seen some unnamed shops in Old Delhi selling good quality bake ware, mostly of he industrial kind but it is a lot of work to go find them again if you need something. Some more shops are there in karol Bagh area, one is Dev Crockery just a few meters from the metro station on the left side if you go to Ajmal khan road. This shop keeps many interesting crockery and bake ware but still lacks the whole spectrum.

Another shop in Karol Bagh area is a cluster of shops named Virmani brothers, passing through the Ajmal Khan road when you reach the Gaffar market area, this cluster of shops will be on your right hand side. The second and the third shop have a good variety of baking wares and other utensils and crockery.

I found this new place in INA market which I had seen once in a disinterested manner, this time I went ahead and inquired about everything and found that they stock quite an impressive collection of things. The place is so convenient as it is just opposite the metro station exit. I can hop on to the metro and go there whenever I wish and wouldn't be disappointed when I need something specific.

The name of he shop is Bharat Crockery Corner and the address is ,
197, Mohan Singh Market, I.N.A. Colony, New Delhi-110 023

Their phone numbers are 011 24617656 and 011 24633108

Have a look on what all they have...

Small tart pans, mini bundt pans and different shapes of mini cake pans too...

And here is a pack of scalloped edge cutters of different sizes for crackers, cookies or pasta etc.

The bigger rectangular and square pans , round and hexagons , pie plates, bread pans and all...

Some more bundt pans, jelly molds and cake pans and jumbo muffin pans...

The brightly colored silicon baking trays and muffin pans...

Many shapes and many colors...

They have synthetic chopping boards in all sizes, even industrial sizes ...

Non stick bread pans in different sizes...you can see a steel steamer in the top left ...

And huge industrial size Teflon baking pans ... good for a large family too..

Details of the size and price...

See some kitchen tools and those colored silicon muffin cups...

Some more tools...

Shaslik sticks and chopsticks...

All types of wooden ladles and spatulas. Balloon whisks of all sizes, very sturdy and even the industrial sizes available...

Some more ladles, all sizes , shapes and wooden handles too. These wooden handle ladles are all industrial sizes...A meat hammer is in the frame too...

It seems like a one stop shop till now. Let's see if I need something specific and do not return empty handed sometime. That is my test for a well stocked store, this one seems to fulfill my criteria. I haven't needed anything that was not there in this store...it would definitely be my shop from now on.

Edited to add : This is not a sponsored post. I keep doing my own surveys and this was one such experience. The address and phone numbers of the shop comes from their business card.


  1. Hey Sangeeta, Thanks a ton for the information, and let me tell you this is so near my eternal favourite and one time residential place - Sarojini Nagar. Hope you are doing well.

    take care

    1. Thanks Soul speaks , I am good, just want to update the blogs more frequently :-)

      I know this area of INA market is more like a heaven for shopping , Dilli haat and Sarojini nagar both being within walking distance...we walk a lot in this area.

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    1. Yes Rajani, I thought of writing this when many people used to ask me about these...After tasting my cakes and breads. Though I do not post many baked goodies here but thought of sharing the info anyways. Glad you liked it.

  3. Wow thats a great stock of baking stuff. I am so so impressed. Thanks for this info. I might want to check it out the next time I visit Delhi

    1. So when is your next Delhi visit? :-)

  4. OH MY GOD!!

    Thanks so much! I'm totally into baking but never found the right shop here in India. Btw do you know where can i get stuff like cream cheese/corn syrup/ chocolate chips/bakery confectionery and other decorative items here in Delhi-NCR??

    1. Grand bakery at Shankar road stocks most of these. I don't use corn syrup though. Will write about more such shops in Delhi in a while.

      Welcome to my blog Chaya.

  5. Thanks a ton for the info! I live in Delhi and have been looking for this stuff for sometime now- esp the silicon muffin cups

    1. Welcome to my blog Miri.Glad you liked it.
      The silicon muffin cups are available in many other places too, I saw them in the Karol bagh market too.

  6. Wow, that's lot of stuff. You must have had a good time checking them out. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  7. Hey Sangeeta, first time to your space, really like it....going thru tis post of yours i miss delhi all the more..reading your post took me to all these places of delhi...karol bagh,INA,Old delhi :) Honestly tis is too informative for people who struggling to get good stuff related to baking under one roof!! Great work dear.

    1. Glad you like it Anamika. Thank you.

  8. Love all these pictures and will keep the places in mind!

  9. thanks so much..i have been searching and searching for a good shop for bakery stuff for so long!!!

  10. thanks for the info..i was really looking for a gud shop having baking ingredients!!

  11. Wow gr888 info...perfect for my next delhi visit..my parentz stay nesr AIIMS...now I know. .where I need to go next time for shoppin pans..

  12. Hi,
    Great information... Thanks for sharing... Keep it with ur Hard Work...