Friday, July 20, 2012

Karonde ki and tangy condiment to your monsoon fritters...

Karonda is a beautiful pink white shaded berry that grows on a bushy spiny plant during the monsoons in India. We had a huge bush of this plant back home and used to pick the Karonda just for fun. Chutneys and Jams were made and relished by all of us. We were a big family with 5 siblings and a huge friend circle so chutneys and jams were always handy.

Packed with antioxidants. owing to it's rich pink purple coloration (Anthocyanins) and loads of Vitamin C, makes this berry quite good for health.The best way to eat this is using it raw as a fresh chutney but you can preserve it in the form of some coked chutney and jam or sweet preserve. A Murabba is quite popular with this fruit too which is nothing but candied Karonda that can be used as a garnish for cakes and muffins and for Indian Mithais.

This hot and sour chutney takes just 5 minutes to make if you start from peeling a few garlic cloves...

(to make half cup of chutney which makes 10-12 small servings)
about 20 Karonde (include more of the ripe dark purple ones always)
6 large whole dry red chillies
a dozen or more fat garlic cloves
1 tbsp of white synthetic vinegar
salt to taste


Place everything in the trusted chutney jar of your mixie and give it a good churn. A rough texture tastes better to some and some like it really smooth. Mine is rough and we are loving it.

keeps well in the fridge till it lasts or two weeks.

Serve as a condiment with your meals or as a chutney for fried snacks or even crackers or Khakhra kind of snacks.

Makes a great sauce to marinate chicken and fish for light quick fries.

How are you going to use it?


  1. I havent seen Karonda in a long long time! I want the chutney! I love Karonde ka murabba too :)

  2. the pics are lovely sangeeta- loved this preparation !

  3. beautiful reddish hues. the chutney sure looks great as well as delicious.