Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Plum chutney: quick and fiery...

plum chutney

Some fruits make very interesting chutneys. Especially if they are bright colored and the sweetness is complex with a generous hint of tartness. I make good use of them sometimes in quick chutneys when a few of them are getting stale in the fruit bowl.

For this chutney I used just 2 of them. Red ripe juicy Plums I mean. The chutney was so good and yet so hot and fiery it lasted 3 days. Just a small teaspoon of this chutney is packed with flavors to perk up a meal. Think lentil salads and a chicken stir fry in my case.

So you chop the required amount of Plums. I used just 2 large Plums...

plum chutney

Add 1 tbsp of sugar for this quantity, 2 pinches of salt and a generous pinch of red chilly powder.

Then microwave it for 2 minutes...

Mash it, dehydrate for another minute in the microwave if required and serve in a bowl. Hot or cold or chilled as and when required.

I made use of a pretty ramekin gifted to me by Ruchira. Doesn't it make a nice chutney to be served into a red bowl?

Store it in airtight jar and keep refrigerated for up to a week. A nice make ahead chutney for gettogethers.

This chutney makes a nice topping for scones too. I often make it quickly when I bake some scones for ourselves. Especially those with a nice sweet and salt balance.

Or try this on some crackers.

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