Friday, February 22, 2013

Kingdom of Dreams | an extravaganza of all things Indian...

As much as I am a travel junkie in the recent times, I mostly keep indoors for my work and for my peace of mind. City traffic maddens me and the commuting time kills my appetite for entertainment. Those who know me would say my entertainment comes from the birds and the garden I keep talking about, and food and photography as well, but I really would like some easy access to places I want to visit within the city. My recent regret in life is, why Kindom of Dreams is so far from my home. Yes, I visited this place for the first time last week and am completely smitten.

I would definitely have gone there often if it was a little closer to my home, there is so much to see and experience that you need to go there a few times before you really can tell your absolute favorites. In the first glace, every single thing looks like a potential favorite material. By everything means they have bits of India in all the possible corners, huge magnificent structures, beautiful architecture and splash of colour and light, Earth and water, sky and fire. All the elements put together beautifully.

The grand entryway gives you a glimpse of what is to be witnessed inside. There is a Nautanki Mahal (the live theater), a spiritual gully with a huge wall with a mural of Buddha resting. A very calmness inducing wall that could be a meditation wall in some serene park.

A new theater is being constructed as Ayesha Dahra (Associate Director, PR and Corporate Communications| Kingdom of Dreams)  told us. The name is Showshaa. Everything is larger than life here.

Beautiful statues and fountains make this place serene yet opulent.

Charis came a little late. We had had a round of the theater complex till then. These huge elephants were seen being admired by kids and adults alike.

Then there is a culture gully where arts and crafts of all the states are on display. In the culture gully you can buy from the curio shops and eat at restaurants of each state. The Culture gully has a sky roof that looks real. Look at this.

 The sky and the clouds actually lighten up the space. How wonderful.
There are many artifacts and curio displayed from different states in this culture gully. I loved this Truck from Punjab (now Pakistan). 

Amazing design elements all over the place. I loved the treatments given to walls with so many different elements.

The chandeliers in different pavilions are so beautiful..

The serene Buddha touch that somehow makes this place sane even when there is a lot of footfall all the time...

Such opulence in every little nook. But honestly there is no little nook over here. Everything is larger than life.

 The Madras cafe has walls adorned with sarees, old fashioned benches and artsy Mamallapuram style wall treatments. Loved the colour scheme. Bright, sunny and aromatic with freshly brewed coffee.

 The Assam tea lounge took my breath away with this cups and saucers wall. Himanshu and Charis went on a clicking spree here.

Many types of tea being brewed, the clink of teacups and the feel of Assam in a retro styles tea lounge. I have always been wanting a nice quaint tea lounge in Delhi which is not crowded like the coffee houses. I wish it was a bit closer to my home.

Bedazzling bollywood lounge has a IIFA trophy theme. All glitzy filmy ambiance.

In between there are bazaars to give you some retail therapy..

This place keeps buzzing with people all the time. But not too crowded to make you feel claustrophobic.

 We had an early dinner at Rajasthan lounge, a complete Chokhi dhani experience with added opulence.

A memorable vegetarian meal when even the hardcore meat eaters did not miss the meats. The Raj kachori was so good I almost finished it, that too when I had never liked Raj kachori earlier. And I have had an impression this huge thing cannot be finished by one person. I told you, this Raj kachori was almost finished all by myself.

The thali meal is one of it's kind. With the Maharaj coming to you talking about the world and the passion for food. He has been with royalties of Rajasthan for generations and knows the cuisine in and out. Parul had already told us stories about Maharaj. It was nice meeting him in person.

The servers are very efficient, they even tell you how to mix the daal, baati choorma. Something I had never done right as I never thought of mixing the daal, crushed baati, sweet choorma, some raw sugar, garlic chutney and lot of ghee together and have it like a mish mash. It was good experience eating the way they do it. Maharaj explained Kair sangri, gatte ki subzi, saangri ka kofta, mungodi ki subzi and the besan ka paratha. Yummy food. We loved dahi ka smaosa, bajre ki khichdi and badam ka halwa too. The non stop stories from Maharaj was an added taste. 
This enormous thali costs just INR 508 plus taxes.

After the meal it was time to watch the show. It was the day for Jhangoora, the Gypsy prince. Couple of TV actors have played role in it and it is an absolute bollywood style entertainment. Sushmita was smitten by the six packs of Hussain, the lead actor. Large screens, huge stage, magic tricks, dance and music, everything that keeps you stuck to a chair for 3 hours. The tickets can be booked online and you can choose your seats if you book n advance. I suggest you go there and have a good time yourself. I would definitely go for the food from the other states. Of course for the visual treat as well, there is much more to see, much more to explore in this place.

Goa, Lucknow, North Eastern states, and the Assam tea lounge are all calling me back. Thanking CAL table to introduce me to this wonderful place. Also to introduce me to such wonderful foodie friends, who blog about what they love the most. Food and life.

PS : Edited to add the location of KoD. It is situated in sector 29 Gurgaon, Haryana.


  1. A wonderful evening spent with you :* I want to go back again!

  2. Hmmm I have been to KOD many a times since I landed in Gurgaon. It's my favorite place where I take/ send all my family/ guests/ colleagues incl the students from USA to visit and get delighted. Zangoora is done in a good taste. Must watch. I have seen the show 3 times and loved lakshi' performance. Waiting to watch jhumroo soon. Good review Sangs! Sheer Opulence & fun.

  3. This really seems to be a fascinating place. I think I 'll be visiting this soon now

  4. WOW this is truly enchanting ! And a beautiful photographic tribute to such a wonderful place. BTW where it is the kingdom of dreams ?
    Couldnt spot it on your post. would love to visit it someday !


    1. KoD is in Gurgaon Sukanya. Thanks for reminding me, will update the directions and location in my post in a while.
      Thank you :-)

  5. Just so beautiful; a celebration of all the vibrant culture India isknown for. I missed this, and now I wish I had been there. So well captured Sangeeta, each shot stands out. What a grand time you guys had! I'm in the next time!