Thursday, October 29, 2009

fish in mustard gravy / sorshe macchh

Some people seriously believe that mustard does something special to the fish....though i am not amongst those as i like fish cooked in any way which retains the softness of fish and adds to it's original flavor....this version of mustard gravy or sauce is one of those which does complete justice to the fish....and served with boiled rice , it is one of the simplest and yummiest way to enjoy fish......

Mustard gravy is made in two ways ( or many?) , one is   the mustard masala gravy made the Uttar Pradesh way and the other is this one......made the way bengalis like it...i have learnt eating fish with my bengali friends and i like this sorshe macchh for it's delicate flavors along with a pungent mustard kick..........i have tweeked the original recipe to suit my taste a little bit by adding amchoor powder .......

 fish cut in big chunks 400 gms.
yellow mustard seeds 1/4 cup
hot green chillies 3 nos.
garlic cloves ( small indian ones) 5-6 nos.
turmeri powder 1 tsp
salt to taste
everyday curry masala 1 tsp ( a mix of coriander , cumin , black pepper and bay leaves)
green coriander leaves.. a generous handful
mustard oil 1-2 tbsp
amchoor powder 1 -2 tsp 


Rub the fish pieces with salt and turmeric powder and keep aside till you prepare for the sauce....
it can be kept in the freezer in separate ziplock bags to be used whenever needed........

Grind the mustard seeds first dry in the mixie and then add some water to make a smooth paste.........

and pass this paste through a sieve and separate the husk.....

a creamy pale yellow liquid is obtained which is used to make the gravy.....and the husk is discarded....

 Tip: the husk can be used as a good body scrub mixed with some powder milk .
 Reserve the filtrate...........and add a bit of salt and turmeric powder to it...

Now heat oil in a deep kadai ....shallow fry the fish pieces into the oil turning it once so that both sides get lightly browned...take care not to break the pieces..

 Make space between the pieces and pop in the slit green chillies to fry ......then throw in the everyday curry powder and stir for a few seconds to cook the masala...

Pour the mustard filtrate into the kadai and rotate the pieces of fish lightly so that it cooks submerged in the sauce.......

Cover and let it boil for 2-3 the lid and throw in the amchoor powder and lightly stir the gravy to mix, being careful not to break the fish pieces, sprinkle chopped green coriander leaves and put off the heat and cover the lid and let it stand for 2 minutes before allows the coriander to release it's aroma into the gravy.....

 Serve hot with boiled rice and some salad on the side....

this is just awesome...enjoy......


  1. Good discription with step by step pics dear.........I have tasted this curry in my Bengali friends's really good....I never tried myself...........keep rocking dear.

  2. Being married to a Bong I have developed a taste for mustard based dishes, appreciate ur pictorial and recipe description :)

  3. Dear Sangeeta
    Great use of Amchur is new for some recipe I use tomato, or lemon juice.
    By the way...add 1 tsp jeera powder with mustard, slightly more sour and hot , you land up at famous Oriya dish of Fish besara, can put some vege too.
    Great dish

  4. So nice snaps and great explanation. Me being an amateur in fish preparation, admires yours a lot. Lovely recipe.

  5. wow!!very tempting..I ve heard about this recipe..but never tasted sure it taste as good..will try snd let u know.As always nice step by step presention.gr8 job.

  6. I never knew of this method of cooking fish with mustard sauce. I didn't even know what a mustard sauce was! Thank you for the great info and the recipe. :)

  7. well explained by step by step pics...never done fish this way before...would love to try ur version as well

  8. Looks good... looks bong style...We prepare it my hubby's , Bihari way....Yummmmmmm....

    Please collect ur Beers to u!!!! award from my blog...


  9. Lovely post dear! This one is new to me.

  10. Hi,
    First time here n came to know bout ur blog frm orkut...u hv a nice collection n now m following u...hv a luk at my space too