Sunday, October 10, 2010

sago banana and cream | breakfast 'cereal' or a hearty dessert meal for vrat ka khana

Sago is a wonderful pearl when it comes to desserts and Navratri is the time when we all look forward for sugary sago treats. Saboodana vada and saboodana khichdi are my favorite too but I love the sago deserts more. Actually I can't decide whether I love saboodana kheer and other desserts more or saboodana vada and khichdi more. Sago pearls have a very nice texture when cooked rightly and that I love for sure. Cook sago wrongly and you kill it.

Many of us make the saboodana  kheer and sago falooda with nuts and fruits, here I am introducing a different recipe of sago which was a revelation for me some 8 years ago. I had cooked the saboodana khichdi (I have not posted it as yet but you can find it on many blogs) and a Bengali friend had liked the khichdi very much. I was astonished when he said that sago can be eaten raw as well. I had never heard of this and wanted to try that, and I did. Tried the recipe he was talking about the very next day.

And then another friend made a rich sago dessert for us, made with soaked but uncooked sago pearls. I just loved it, as it was fuss free and the flavors and different textures in this dessert were just amazing . Just to assemble a few things and a hearty dessert meal was ready for our navaratri fasting. Both of us used to fast all 9 days of navratri and have a good time eating many fasting foods. We used to entertain many friends who enjoyed fasting food in those days. Past couple of years have been no fasting, and no feasting in the navaratri days. Still I like to cook something which reminds me of those days....

Seeing the number of hits my 'vrat ka khana ' posts are getting during these days, I thought of posting this hearty dessert meal for navaratri fasting. Writing this I am reminded of so many things I used to make during this time of the year. This is one of the few unusual things which many of you will find very convenient to rustle up. A very nice breakfast dish because it is full of carbohydrates and fat of course. All good things in fact, gluten free, fuss free. A large bowl of this will keep you full till late in the afternoon if you had it for the breakfast..

First of all you need to soak the sago pearls in just enough water to skim through the surface in a wide bowl. 3-4 hours of soaking is good enough for the larger variety of sago pearls. You can test for the readiness of the sago pearls actually by pressing one sago pearl between your thumb and index finger. The sago pearl should get flattened and yet should not disintegrate... as it looks like see two sago pearls flattened in the left side...

If the sago is not ready you can add a little more water or milk (if the sago looks dry) and keep for another couple of hours. Best is to soak overnight in the fridge and use in the morning. Soaked sago keeps well in the fridge for a week. It is very convenient that way during this season as you will be able to make saboodana khichdi and vadas or for kheer and falooda with the same soaked sago. Soaking is similar for all of  these recipes.

For a cup of soaked sago, add 1/2 cup of fresh cream (Iuse malai) 1 cup of full cream milk and sugar or honey to taste. Add any nuts of your choice (cashew, raisins and almonds are the best for this) and a chopped banana .

Yummy.... The sago pearls have a great texture against the soft bananas and the crunchy nuts. Raisins taste very good in this, I did not use them as I did not have them at this point. Dried apricots and prunes will be great too. Just think of different textures and different flavors going into it. Add some Jam or a fruit preserve and see how beautiful it gets. Fasting is not about boring food, it's about your imagination including all the falahari (non cereal and non legume) ingredients to the optimum taste balance and nutritional requirements...

Happy fasting ....... I will be back with another 'vrat ka khana' very soon....stay tuned...


  1. Very interesting dessert, looks awesome..

  2. Hey very interesting and unique, had never heard of this, as i don't do a lot of vrat :)

  3. Sangeeta, i've never had it uncooked. had no idea about it either. (I posted the sabudana vada that I made inspired by your recipe. Thanks!!, did you see the post?)

    Also made sabudana kheer that day because i had soaked a lot of sago.... :D

    Looking forward to more vrat ka khana from your end......................

  4. a very different take on sago, but i am sure i would love it! looks delicious and a perfect upvas meal indeed

  5. Thank you ladies for the sweet words.

    GB.....i am yet to see the post , thanks for the sago vada feedback...

  6. This is quite unusual! and i didn't know soaked sabudana can last up to a week if refrigerated..