Wednesday, June 27, 2012

mint, raw mango and onion chuntney or aam pudina pyaz ki chutney | a cooling versatile chutney for hot summers...

 aam pudina pyaz ki chutney

This mint chutney is a daily fix of freshness for many families till the summers last. A couple of raw mangoes are consumed everyday either in the form of Aam Panna or this chutney to keep the heat at bay.

How wonderful it is that nature gives us something special for every season and some of those can even be used for treating some seasonal ailments as well. Like this combination of green chillies, onions and raw mangoes can treat heat strokes. The cooked mango with mint and some salts that makes the popular drink Aam panna is also a cure and prevention for heatstroke.

It is a pleasure to have yummy food or condiments that can be therapeutic in it's effect and versatile in it's use. This Aam-pudina-pyaz ki chutney is one such condiment you would love to have daily.


Raw Mango peeled and cubed 1/2 cup (discard the stone)
Mint leaves washed and pat dried 1.5 cup
Red Onion diced 1/2 cup
Green Chillies 2-4 or to taste
salt to taste


Mix everything up and blend in your food processor of chutney jar of your mixie.

Serve fresh. Keeps well for a day if refrigerated.

Goes well with all Indian meals as a condiment.

Can be used for making chutney sandwiches and as a pita bread stuffing sauce.

Many families like this chutney with a stuffed Aloo ka paratha or Pyaz ka paratha along with a bowl of yogurt for breakfast.

Mixed with yogurt and some Boondi it makes a nice raita too. Equally cooling in it's effect and a variation to a normal green chutney.

 aam pudina pyaz ki chutney

This chutney pairs very well with Sattu ka paratha which is a frequent breakfast dish for many families in Eastern UP and Bihar.

For maximum health benefits I would advice this chutney to be consumed in good quantity. Half cup or more per serving is great and it will be possible if you make this chutney with lesser green chillies than you use normally. That way the chutney becomes more like a raw curry than just a condiment.

Mix this chutney in boiled red lentil soup for a quick and refreshing dinner. Great for the days when you need a break from heavy eating.

Great for detox purpose. If not consumed with too much wheat products in the same meal.

Summers look more bearable with this is still 40C plus in Delhi and we are depending on such food and condiments...Mangoes big time :-)

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